To commemorate the NCAR/UCAR 40th anniversary in June 2000, a new lobby exhibit was commissioned to portray to the visiting public what NCAR/UCAR are and what we do. Text and photo wallboards mounted on two walls put this information into a graphically attractive format; the wall-mounted text is supplemented with a new information sheet that also lists the more than 130 university and other research-oriented institutions that have various categories of membership in the organization.

In addition to the historical perspective, the exhibit also contains examples of the technology that has enabled us to pursue our science around the world. Scale models of some of our two large research aircraft are on view, and a computer monitor display allows visitors to choose among many different weather websites to view.

To read the text of the NCAR and UCAR: Who We Are and What We Do Information Sheet, click on

To read more about NCAR’s aircraft fleet, click on, and then click on "Lockheed L-188C" and "Lockheed Hercules EC-130Q."

Click here to view a 360&Mac251; panorama of a portion of the Atmospheric Odyssey Exhibit.