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To Schedule

After reviewing the Field Trip Planning Guide, please call 303.497.1174

Group Size

Minimum: 8 students
Maximum: 60 students
Larger groups are encouraged to schedule their field trip on two or more consecutive dates.

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Field Trip Planning Guide (PDF)
Chaperone Request Form (PDF)
Chaperone Responsibilities (PDF)
Nametag Template (MS Word)
Chaperone Group Card (PDF)
Parking Map (PDF)

information for Teachers and other field trip planners

What's special about a field trip to NCAR?

  • NCAR is a world-reknowned science center
  • Field trips are led by experienced, professional science educators
  • Science Learning can be selected to engage students in the process of science
  • Guided tours highlight the releavance of science in our everyday lives
  • Students learn about state of the art technological tools including NCAR's supercomputers
  • Exhibits enhance scientific understanding and promote science literacy
  • NCAR is set in a majestic natural setting and offers a unique Weather Trail
  • The building was designed by world-renowned architect, I.M. Pei
  • It's Free and bus transportation scholarships are now available!

What segment of the population is served?

The majority of groups served in our field-trip program are comprised of K-8th grade students. We also support a large number of high school, post secondary, pre-school, non-traditional, and mixed-aged groups from home schools, clubs, camps, and summer programs. Our Science Learning Labs are designed primarily for elementary and/or middle school students, but we are equally committed to serving older groups and designing itineraries that uniquely meet their needs and interests. Special requests and program needs can be discussed at the time of scheduling.

How can you arrange a field trip to NCAR?

  • Download and read the Field Trip Planning Guide and Checklist
  • Complete all pre-scheduling "To Do" items on the Field Trip Checklist before scheduling
  • Have a minimum of three dates in mind for your field trip before calling to schedule
  • Once your field trip has been scheduled, complete the pre-event checklist provided
  • A limited amount of transportation scholarships are now available for high school, middle school, and upper elementary students in schools with a high percentage of students in the National School Lunch Program

What is NCAR's policy and comfort level with Special Needs Groups?

Visitor Center staff are committed to serving every group interested in a visit, tour, and/or field trip to NCAR.  In fact, more than half of our educators have taught in special needs classrooms or programs in the past.  We work with each field-trip coordinator during every phase of planning to ensure a successful visit for all involved. We ask only that you arrange in advance for the necessary ratio of aides to students based on the unique needs of your group so that the field trip will be enjoyable, engaging, and developmentally appropriate for all of your students. Please review our Accessibility page and Field Trip Planning Guide for additional information.

What Science Learning Labs are offered?

Our Science Learning Labs are listed in our Field Trip Planning Guide. Please review them and request one that ismost appropriate for your students at the time of scheduling. Each Lab is aligned to Colorado Science Content Standards and lists grade levels for developmental appropriateness. Because Colorado Science Content Standards are currently being revised, our alignment information is under revision as well.