What Students can expect when visiting NCAR?

Field trips are wonderful opportunities to expand your learning outside of the classroom. At NCAR, our expertise is the Earth System and its atmosphere, and even more specifically, weather and climate. NCAR scientists and staff are committed to advancing the scientific body of knowledge in these areas, and providing research, tools, and technology that allow us to accomplish this mission and be of service to society.

Before Your Visit

Odds are you have already begun or are about to begin studying weather, climate, or another topic within the Earth sciences. If not, a trip to NCAR will immerse you into such topics. Before your visit, here are a few suggestions that will help you be prepared to learn, enjoy, and get the most out of your visit:

  • Watch Connections, an introductory video to UCAR and NCAR. It will help you understand what we do here before your arrival.
  • Come prepared with any burning questions about Earth's weather, climate, oceans, atmosphere you may have!
  • Your teacher or event planner has asked that we present a specific Learning Lab for you and your group. Know what your teacher or event planner expects of you during your the visit.

During Your Visit

Our goal is to ensure that your field trip to NCAR will be both educational and fun. It will likely be comprised of a tour, classroom or outside Learning Lab, time with exhibits, and possibly a hike along the Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail or parts of the longer Mesa Trail. Here are some suggestions to follow to ensure that you have the best field trip possible:

  • You may have heard the saying, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." We agree with this saying. Come prepared to learn, have fun, and enjoy all we have to offer.
  • Questions and questioning are highly encouraged during all components of the field trip, as is active exploration of the various exhibits and the Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail.
  • Help us ensure that every visitor has an opportunity to enjoy what NCAR has to offer by bringing your good manners with you.

After Your Visit

Your teacher or event planner is likely to reinforce the Learning Lab content that you experienced during your visit with follow-up activities, questions, and more. We also encourage you to explore additional information and hands-on activities about weather, climate, and the Earth system by visiting one or all of the many resources we have online:

   Windows to the Universe WebsiteKids' Crossing  Web Weather for Kids

Find even more educational resources from NCAR here!