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Annual Closure Day

Saturday in April 2010


Admittance is free.

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Cell Phone Audio Tours at NCAR

image of visitor with audio tour A self-guided cell phone tour is available for both children and adults. The tour offers a wealth of information about selected exhibits and atmospheric research in general. Visitors can use their own cell phones to experience the audio tour. By calling one phone number, then pressing assigned numbers along the tour route, visitors are able to listen to an informative narrative. The world renowned architecture of the NCAR building, the ecology of the Mesa, weather and climate research, and NCAR's supercomputers and modeling capabilities are just a few of the tour's highlights.

Visitors are also able to customize their tours to their level of expertise. Children, for example, can dial numbers that lead to fun and informative content about several exhibits where they can hear explanations developed just for them, while adults can do the same. The adult and children's cell phone tours are currently available in English, however, Spanish cell phone tours will be available in early 2010. Written transcripts are currently available in both of these languages in addition to Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and in a large-print version.

Click on the image of the Cray 1A supercomputer below to hear a segment from NCAR's audio tour for adult visitors, or click on the image of children enjoying our tornado exhibit to hear a segment from NCAR's audio tour for children.

Cray 1A - links to sound clip Children at tornado exhibit - link to sound clip


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