NCAR Undergraduate Leadership Workshop
National Center for Atmospheric Research

June 11-15, 2012       Boulder, Colorado


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2012 Additional Information

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Information about the workshop that was held in 2011.


In June 2012, NCAR will host the 11th annual Undergraduate Leadership Workshop with the purpose of informing students about exciting research and career opportunities in the atmospheric and related sciences. The five-day program will establish informal dialogue between students and research scientists as the students explore the laboratories, instrumentation, and computing facilities that support studies on weather, climate change, solar dynamics, the Sun-Earth system, and impacts of severe weather and climate change on societies around the world.

Benefits to the student and the university:

  • Gain insight into the breadth of research topics in the atmospheric and related sciences while learning about NCAR’s collaborative role in university research that positively impacts society.

  • Become well-informed about opportunities for graduate and postdoctoral studies in the atmospheric science community of member and affiliate universities of UCAR, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

  • Acquire insight into the many ways scientists serve in leadership roles, and learn to act as a leader by communicating the workshop experiences to other students at your sponsoring university.

  • Enrich students’ experiences by linking undergraduate studies to important examples of current research and careers in the sciences.

  • Strengthen students’ commitments to continue studies in the sciences through graduate school.


How to apply:

Faculty of UCAR member and affiliate universities and colleges are invited to nominate one student in junior standing to represent their university. NCAR will fund students’ expenses while attending the workshop in Boulder, Colorado. The costs of traveling to and from Boulder must be covered by the academic institution. Criteria for nomination may include demonstrated interest in atmospheric and related sciences, academic excellence, aptitude for research, and potential to gain from the experience. Nominations must be received by March 2, 2012. NCAR will select up to 20 participants by March 23, 2012. Application forms and additional information can be found on, or call Tim Barnes (303) 497-1169 (E-mail