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Citizens of all ages can appreciate the atmosphere as part of the earth system, understand humans' relationship to it, and make informed choices about careers, lifestyles and public policies. UCAR's public education programs aim to increase science literacy of the nation.


Visiting UCAR and NCAR in Boulder, Colorado

Exhibits at NCAR's Mesa laboratory

Art Exhibit Calendar

Walter Orr Roberts Virtual Weather Trail

Hurricane Strike!
A multimedia learning package created by COMET®, Hurricane Strike! is aimed primarily at middle school students and combines disaster safety and preparedness with science instruction. It also dovetails with science and safety content in the American Red Cross Masters of Disaster curriculum. If you have a T1/DSL line (or equivalent), you can access Hurricane Strike! directly from the web. If you have a slower connection, you should download the module to your hard drive and run it locally.
Roberts Forum
Illustrated talks on current research regarding the atmospheric and related sciences

Web Weather for Kids
Hands-on activities for teaching atmospheric sciences

Windows to the Universe
A fun and different Web site about the Earth and Space sciences

Climate Stock
Film footage on climate and weather topics

Digital Media Catalog
Photographic images and illustrations

COMET® Multimedia Database
Photographic images, illustrations, audio, and animations


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