Providing Guest Wireless Access

Any UCAR user (employee or long-term visitor) may provide the guest wireless access password to their individual visitors, or visiting groups of meeting attendees. By providing the password to a guest or guests, you become a sponsor for those guests.

Your Responsibilities as a Sponsor

In order for your guests to be able to use the wireless network, you need to tell them how to connect and log in. While you're doing that, you must also remind them that wireless bandwidth is a shared and limited resource, so a little politeness goes a long way (e.g, avoid file sharing, video streaming, etc.). In addition, you or your divisional help desk/system administration staff will potentially need to assist them with troubleshooting problems with their client or with the wireless network itself.

Troubleshooting Assistance

If you are hosting a large or important meeting, your division will need to provide on-site or on-call technical support for your guests using your division's help desk or system administration staff. For smaller groups or individual visitors, providing support yourself initially, with the assistance of your division's help desk or system administration staff as required, should be fine.

Once you or others providing assistance have determined a given guest's access problem is not with their OS or client settings, you should be aware of and ready to follow our wireless network troubleshooting guide. We suggest you or those whom you'll call on for assistance print out a copy of the guide if you perhaps won't be near a wired internal UCAR network during your troubleshooting.

If the guide still does not answer your questions please seek assistance from your division's help desk or systems administration staff. This is their area of specialty.

Access Instructions

We've provided a printable web page (last updated 2012-07-26) for you to display or adapt for your guests. Please provide this information to your guests as you give them the wireless guest password. If you're hosting a larger meeting or seminar, you might also want to display it where the guests can review it at their convenience.

Getting The Wireless Guest Password

To get the current guest wireless access password for the visitors you're sponsoring, visit from the UCAR internal network.


If you are a UCAR employee or long-term visitor, you can sponsor guests on the UCAR wireless network. Sponsorship gives you and your division certain responsibilities, such as supporting your guests when they have problems and educating them about limited bandwidth. You can fill them in about those matters at the time you give them the wireless guest password.