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Stock Reel #11 "Views of NCAR"

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B-Roll Shot List


TRT: 1:20:17

01:03  Mesa Laboratory Exteriors & Architectural Details
01:07  XWS Mesa Lab zoom in and zoom out
01:09  Telephoto horse riders tilt up to Lab on Mesa
02:10  MS Lab over neighborhood
02:20  WS Neighborhood Street zoom into Lab on Mesa
02:10  Telephoto Lab with Flatiron formation in BG
02:32  NCAR entrance sign pan to road as van drives by
03:06  WS four workers walk on path to Mesa Lab
03:15  MS East Tower pan to West Tower
03:30  MS low angle look up at "Keyhole" tilt down to view through "Keyhole” and tilt up again
03:56  Tilt down to fountain MS
04:10  WS Roof top view of mountains and anemometer
04:30  CU anemometer pull back to entry plaza and zoom in again to anemometer
04:50  Low angle pan of tower and pan back
05:07  Tilt down from cloud and tower to plaza walkway as workers walk through and tilt up again
05:40  MS rear of West Tower pan to rear entrance walkway bridge
06:10  WS view from rear entrance walkway bridge pan to double arches
06:28  Rear of East Tower tilt down to mule deer in grass
06:42  WS of lab from rear framed by trees

06:52  Computing Room: Mesa Laboratory
07:00  WS fronts of tall, black computers zoom out to reveal long double row of many computers
07:15  Children looking through glass
07:24  Computer Technicians talking
07:27  Computer technician walking between computers
07:45  CU of computers
08:00  Two people at computer screens
08:05  CU hand on computer mouse
08:08  WS of computer screens
08:16  CU of Computer screen with technician
08:20  CU of technician’s profile and frontal view

08:35  Library: Mesa Laboratory
08:39  CU computer screen with NCAR screen saver tilt up to WS of library
08:50  MS man reading intently in periodicals section
08:55  MS same man different angle
09:00  CU weather related and other magazines pan to man reading
09:04  WS library with different man reading sheets of paper
09:10  MS man leafing through highlighted papers
09:14  CU man reading
09:19  WS spiral staircase -- different man comes down and leaves frame
09:33  MS follow man walking through stacks
09:48  MS many rolled up reports -- man enters frame looks through them – chooses one and exits
09:50  MS man enters frame rolls out report on table with atlas and takes notes
10:18  CU over shoulder man takes notes
10:28  MS of scene from front angle
10:38  WS of scene from front angle

10:50   Visualization Lab: Mesa Laboratory
10:52  Scientist explaining visual at screen
11:00  View of animation on screen
11:14  CU of group of scientists
11:31  CU of person wearing glasses
11:37  WS group of scientists prepare for presentation from front of room
11:45  MS high angle group of scientists chatting from back of room
11:51  WS from back of room pan to screen
12:03  MS operator at three computer monitors prepares to start animation – animation is visible on one screen
12:20  CU mouse & keyboard tilt up to operator & animation on monitor
12:35  MS over shoulder of operator at monitor
12:45  WS five scientists put on polarizing glasses to view 3D animation
12:55  MS view of animation on screen over shoulder of viewers
13:02  MS three scientists from behind talk about animation
13:07  Two-shot from front
13:15  CU scientist-3 watches animation & talks to colleague
13:20  Animation seen between shoulders of two scientists
13:27  WS all five scientists, # 2 points & talks
13:37  Two-shot scientists 3 & 4 watch animation
13:43  View of animation from behind scientists 1 & 2
13:49  WS all five from different angle
14:02  CU scientist-3 pull out to two shot with # 2
14:12  CU scientist-1 takes notes, pan to 2 & 3 talking & taking notes
14:29  Screen shot of animation (East Asia Cyclone - MM5 Numerical Model)

15:12  GPS: Mesa Laboratory
15:15  CU yellow cables tilt up to GPS on roof top tripod
15:29  CU of GPS instrument
15:35  Blue sky tilt down to CU of GPS instrument
15:42  Front Range over rooftop pull back to MS of GPS instrument

15:56  Exhibits: Mesa Laboratory
16:00  CU grandmother w/two grandchildren at lightning exhibit
16:10  CU of lightning strikes
16:28  Father and son at Lightning exhibit
16:31  CU of lightning strikes showing hands
16:42  CU of young woman at lightning exhibit
16:56  CU of lightning strikes
17:11  CU of young woman at lightning exhibit
17:30  CU of lightning strikes
17:34  CU Mother and two daughters at tornado
17:40   CU of tornado formation
17:43  Mother showing children tornado formation
17:49  CU of tornado formation
17:54  CU of mother
17:55  Tornado formation
18:00  Mother and children at tornado exhibit
18:03  Tornado formation
18:20  Mother explaining tornado formation to two children
18:25  Pan to tornado exhibit
18:30  CU small child’s expression on seeing tornado formation
18:38  Pan to hands interacting with tornado to child’s face
18:43  WS boy and girl at flow tank
18:47  MS boy moves yellow bar around flow tank
18:52  MS girl moves her object around flow tank and stops, pleased
18:57  CU liquid moving around girl’s object
19:01  CU liquid moving around boy’s object
19:05 MS from behind of boy & girl at tank
19:08  CU boy moving object
19:12  CU boy picking up object inside tank
19:36  WS NCAR Science Store two women look at things
19:39  CU tornado toy spinning in one woman’s hand
19:46  MS NCAR Science Store sign tilt down to racks
20:03  CU windmill toy
20:04  WS of store from left
20:06  CU Radiometer toy
20:07  CU of rotating toy
20:09  MS two women try on rainbow glasses
20:20  CU book rack
20:23  NCAR store worker helps two women with books
20:34  WS "Atmospheric Science as Global Enterprise" display pan to "Complexity of Earth System" display
20:40  MS Climate display pan to a different atmosphere display
21:00 MS photo of sun & magnetic storms display
21:16 MS Global Atmosphere display
21:20 WS Complexity of Earth System display pan to woman at touch screen computer
21:26 MS she touches screen, it changes
21:30 CU screen shows ocean temperatures & changes again
21:32 MS over shoulder as she works screen
21:35 CU touches screen
21:38 MS touches screen
21:48 WS view of mountains through large window with model planes flying in silhouette pan to wall display
21:59 MS wall display from different angle
22:10 WS 40th Anniversary wall display
22:16 MS 40th Anniversary wall display showing "The University of Colorado Years" pan to CU Walter Orr Roberts picture
22:27 WS 40th Anniversary wall display

22:31  Global Warming Exhibit
22:46  CU of west wall showing visitor
22:59  Pan to Space Weather Screen
23:18  Pan to visitors discussing captions
23:26  CU of Recent Earth plaque
23:44  Pan to couple
23:50  CU of two visitors discussing exhibit
23:55  CU young couple viewing display
24:16  Male Visitor
24:18  CU couple at Climate Past display
24:40  couple at Prehistoric display
24:48  Young couple talking and discussing exhibit
24:54  Young man touching dinosaur foot
25:10  Woman touching basket
25:16  Visitors interacting with display
25:24  WS (exterior) PAM (Portable Automated Mesonet), the Weather Robot
25:29  WS tilt down PAM
25:40  CU top of PAM

25:46  Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail
25:51  Roof top view of mountains zoom in to people on trail
26:01  MS (ground level) other people on trail pan to Welcome sign
26:13  CU welcome sign
26:22  WS people on trail
26:35  MS couple with baby and dog walk by
26:44  XLong shot of Denver zoom out to woman reading sign about the Brown Cloud
27:02  Climate zones sign tilt up to Bear Peak and forested canyon
27:14  Cold Fronts sign tilt up two men walk past
27:24  Sunshine & Ultraviolet Light sign zoom in
27:33  Thunderstorms sign
27:38  WS mom & girl reading thunderstorms sign with Mesa Lab building in back ground
27:49  Fire & Drought sign pan to people on trail
28:03  WS trail
28:08  Mountain Waves sign pull back to view of Flatirons

28:22  Center Green Campus Exteriors
28:26  WS Center Green Campus with Bear Peak and mountains in back ground from Foothills Parkway as traffic zooms by
28:32  MS Center Green Campus with Bear Peak and mountains in back ground from Foothills Parkway as traffic zooms by
28:44  WS Building 1 pan & pull back to Building 2
28:52  WS different angle Building 2 pull back & long pan to Building 1 with distinctive columns on side of building
29:08  Large glass front of Building 1 pan to front door and back to glass front MS front door
29:44  Side view of Building 1 pan to plaza and flags
29:55  Pan Building 3
30:10  Two people walking past Building 3

30:21  Center Green Campus Interior
30:26  CU of Screen
30:32  WS of auditorium with participants
30:40  CU of Scientist speaking
30:45  WS of auditorium showing participants

30:58  Foothills Laboratory Chemistry Building (FL0) Exterior
31:03  Staff member walking
31:17  CU of building with personal walking by
31:23  Staff member carrying tray of food in courtyard
31:32  CU entrance to building

31:44  Foothills Laboratory Exterior
31:45  Foothills Laboratory sign
31:53  WS Foothills Laboratory building SUV enters parking lot
32:01  MS flagpole & center area pan to front with satellite dish in foreground
32:09  CU satellite dish as man walks by
32:16  MS building from other angle zoom out some

32:30  Cloud Physics Lab: Foothills Laboratory
32:37  WS lab worker dressed in down coat, hat, and gloves enters, goes to band saw, turns it on, and cuts large hail stone in two
32:44  CU cutting hail in two
33:06  CU of hail cut in two
33:16  CU worker's face
33:23  CU sawn hail stone tilt up to face
33:33  XCU cutting hail stone
33:46  CU flip switch to turn on band saw
33:50  MS pan cold lab to back of worker at band saw
34:00  Over shoulder shot of cutting hail stone
34:10  CU over shoulder of sawn hailstone

34:15  Phytotron:  Foothills Laboratory
34:19  Scientist with plants
34:26  Pan showing variety of plants
34:45  Scientist handling plants
34:50  Scientist watering plants
35:08  Scientist moving plants

35:20  Trace Gas Biogeochemistry Lab
35:23  Scientist analyzing plant
35:33  CU of hand tying bag over plant
35:41  Close-up of hand tying bag
35:51  CU of scientist’s profile
35:56  CU of plant in chamber
36:00  CU of plant in chamber & hand
36:08  Scientist with plants
36:11  View over scientist shoulder as he examines plant
36:13  CU of plant leaf
36:18  Plant
36:24  Scientist examining plant
36:48  Scientist examining plant from below
36:58  CU of plants in chamber
37:14  WS of chamber with plants
37:30  Scientist recording data
37:40  CU of Scientist looking at data
37:50  Scientist viewing monitor and recording data
37:55  CU of Scientist
38:04  WS of instruments
38:05  CU of computer screen
38:12  Shot of Screen over shoulder of scientist
38:14  CU of computer screen
38:18  Shot of screen over scientist shoulder
38:24  Profile of scientist looking at instrument
38:44  CU of screen

38:50  LASER Lab: Foothills Laboratory
38:53  WS pan lab
39:00  MS lab paraphernalia
39:10  MS glass globes pan right
39:21  CU gauges pull back
39:33  CU other glass globes tilt down
39:43  CU LASER beam from lower angle
39:58  CU pouring liquid nitrogen
40:03  CU worker puts paper in front of LASER beam zoom out as worker adjusts mirrors
40:14  CU worker face
40:19  MS adjusts mirrors
40:24  CU LASER beam

40:36  Wind Tunnel: Foothills Laboratory
40:40  WS wind tunnel from fan end as worker adjusts things and leaves frame
40:43  MS intake end of wind tunnel pan to worker
41:06  Over shoulder shot of worker adjusting placement of baffle to be tested in wind tunnel
41:18  MS worker adjusts gauges, closes door and leaves frame
41:30  WS from rear as fan starts & runs
41:32  MS fan running
41:38  CU fan starts and runs
41:52  MS inside tunnel -- smoke starts and goes through baffle
42:03  CU smoke emitter
42:20  XCU smoke exits back of baffle in beautiful pattern
42:22  MS smoke goes through baffle
42:30  XCU smoke exits baffle at slightly slower speed
42:39  CU smoke enters baffle pan to smoke exits baffle
43:02  MS smoke goes through baffle
43:23  MS wind tunnel fan stops

43:33  Machine Shop: Foothills Laboratory
43:37  WS welding area zoom in as welder starts
43:53  MS welder does a complete spot weld
44:02  Over shoulder shot welder does a complete spot weld
44:08  CU welder mask lights up
44:28  CU blinding weld starts -- pull back to over shoulder shot -- and zoom in as weld ends
44:46  MS welder doing weld pull back to WS of welding area
45:50  WS pan as worker walks through machine shop to lathe
46:24  MS worker adjusts lathe and starts it
46:41  XCU lathe blade shaves tiny pieces of turning
46:50  CU worker watches carefully zoom out to MS of him and lathe
47:01  MS idle machine pan across machine to WS of lathe worker
47:11  WS another worker at automated lathe
47:18  CU hands adjust knobs tilt up to face
47:34  MS lathe and worker as metal shavings fly
47:38  XCU sparkling metal shavings fly -- pull focus and tilt to piece being cut
47:46  MS over shoulder cutting piece zoom into shavings flying
47:52  XCU follow focus as blade cuts metal twice
48:30  MS worker at controls
48:36  CU face pan to MS blade cutting piece
48:51  WS worker from behind at lathe

49:00  Mobile Weather Balloon Van (Mobile GAUS)
49:05  WS pick up truck with camper enters frame pan with it to trail head parking lot
49:25  MS operator exits truck walks to rear, pulls down stairs, climbs to roof of camper
49:50  MS operator lifts anemometer on roof & adjusts it
50:08  CU anemometer
50:19  MS fence as operator enters and hangs radiosonde from rail
50:21  CU radiosonde
50:40  MS operator stands on truck tailgate and starts to fill balloon with gas
50:47  MS low angle operator continues to fill, then gas stops, zoom in on hand as it removes hose, balloon leaves frame
51:14  MS radiosonde on fence operator picks it up & starts to attach to balloon
51:27  CU attaching radiosonde
51:33  MS finishes attaching radiosonde
51:36  MS moves to launch area, looks around carefully to be sure all is clear, releases balloon – tilt up with balloon until it’s a dot
52:06  CU low angle of operator looking up

52:09  S-Pol Portable High-Performance Radar
52:14  XWS on prairie slow zoom in to S-Pol radar
52:36  WS S-Pol Radar with sign in foreground
52:40  MS S-Pol Radar dish goes around
52:45  CU S-Pol Radar dish goes around

53:05  NCAR Research Aviation Facility: NSF/NCAR C-130 Research Aircraft:  Prep, Taxi, & Take-off
53:09  WS inside hangar of C-130 wing & engines pan to front of plane
53:21  CU National Science Foundation sign on plane "Where Discoveries Begin"
53:25  MS man enters rear door of plane pan to front as another walks away
53:35  MS interior of C-130 flight crewman-1 tightens bolt on floor tilt up to MS interior
53:44  WS scientist adjusts large instrument
53:51  CU scientist tightens screw on instrument
53:57  MS scientist examines instrument
54:11  MS flight crewman-2 looks for something through floor hatch
54:17  MS low angle of pod & instruments under wing of C-130 in hangar
54:29  MS under tail pan & tilt to front
54:33  XWS exterior C-130 on tarmac
54:37  WS C-130 on tarmac
54:47  MS nose of plane tilt & pan down fuselage & open gangway
54:58  CU Research Aviation Facility (RAF) sign on fuselage
55:02  WS from rear as small plane flies by taking off
55:11  MS looking forward from rear tilt up to look up at huge tail with snowflake painted on it
55:22  MS instruments & engine under wing
55:26  CU ground crewman holds up one finger & rotates hand to signal pilot to start engine
55:28  MS propeller starts to spin pull back to MWS as it nears full speed
55:31  XWS with all engines running
55:50  CU nose of C-130 as it starts to taxi
56:40  WS C-130 taxis by with mountains in back ground
56:51  MS C-130 taxis by static camera & helicopter flies by
57:03  LS as one plane taxis past, C-130 accelerates and takes off and flies into great expanse of sky
57:16  Close shot of C-130 flying pull back to see sky & mountains in back ground then zoom in to C-130 flying and it flies out of frame

58:11  NSF/NCAR C-130 Research Aircraft in flight interiors
58:17  MS scientist-1 places sensor in end of rod
58:32  MS scientist-2 pushes rod through port to outside
58:44  MS scientist-1 in white gloves extracts a different object from case & places it in a different case
58:55 WS from back of plane
59:04  MS scientist-3 & scientist-4 look at graphs on laptop
59:14  MS scientist-3 & scientist-4 from front talk about graphs
59:22 MS scientist-5 & scientist-6 watch monitors & take notes
59:26  MS scientist-2 removes rod and returns it to scientist-1
59:32  MS scientist-2 looks at laptop with scientist-3
59:41  MS scientist-1 removes sensor from rod & puts in test tube held by scientist-2
59:56  MS scientist-2 puts test tube in box on floor
1:00:03  MS scientist-5 checks readings on portable instrument
1:00:08   MS scientist-7 leans on chair and looks at a laptop
1:00:11  CU scientist-1 types on another laptop
1:00:16  MS scientist-4 leans across back of chair to confer with MS scientist-8
1:00:24  View out instrument porthole
1:00:30  View of clouds with props spinning
1:00:38  MS pilot in cockpit with clouds out window

1:00:44  High-performance Instrumented Aircraft for Environmental Research (HIAPER)
1:00:52  Close up of nose
1:00:55  Close up of engine
1:01:03  Researchers inspecting HIAPER a/c
1:01:11  Pilots preparing to take flight
1:01:21  Researcher in HIAPER passage way
1:01:29  Pilot turning on panel for takeoff
1:01:52  Full shot of HIAPER with researchers on ground
1:01:59  Close up of tail panning to a full shot of aircraft
1:02:12  Surface weather station with foothills in background
1:02:20—1:04:50  HIAPER taxing for takeoff
1:04:51  HIAPER airborne
1:05:30  HIAPER flying over mountain terrain
1:05:34  HIAPER flying into a cloud
1:05:40  HIAPER emerging from cloud
1:05:47  CU of HIAPER
1:05:59  HIAPER moves out view to show brown haze over city
1:06:02  HIAPER flying over city
1:07:32  HIAPER flying from brown haze to blue sky
1:07:43  CU of mountain terrain
1:07:46  HIAPER appears to flying in reverse
1:07:57  HIAPER flying above cloud cover
1:08:05  HIAPER moves from cloud layer to mountain terrain
1:08:26  HIAPER flying over clouds
1:08:33  Underbelly shot of HIAPER
1:08:39  Pan to full shot of HIAPER over cloud layer
1:09:19  HIAPER flying over mountain terrain with low-level clouds

1:09:55 International H2O Project (IHOP) Oklahoma Panhandle-May 14, 2002
1:09:59 Researcher at computer screen
1:10:02 S-Pol radar out in field - pan from close up to distant shot
1:10:23 Rotating S-Pol radar dish -- close up and full shot
1:11:36 S-Pol radar & site with people
1:11:42 Surface weather station
1:11:47  Anemometer
1:11:53 Doppler on Wheels radar dish covered and loaded on truck
1:11:58 Field site with trailer
1:12:13 "S-Pol Weather Research Radar" sign w/Doppler in background
1:12:26 Researchers in S-Pol radar operation trailer

1:12:42 Doppler on Wheels (DOW) Texas Panhandle-May 15, 2003
1:12:44  Rotating Doppler radar on truck with researcher
1:12:48  Two researchers passing DOW3 truck unit
1:13:00  Rapid Dow radar
1:13:13  Rotating Doppler on Wheels radar with researcher
1:13:17 Two researchers entering DOW3 truck unit
1:13:32  Truck on jacks and Rapid Dow radar pointing upward
1:13:39  Close-up of radar dish
1:13:55  Truck on jacks at field site
1:14:08  Doppler on Wheels radar being transported on truck
1:14:19  Researcher in truck
1:14:48  Rapid Dow radar on back of truck (on jacks) parked near field
1:14:52  Close up of Doppler on Wheels radar
1:15:06  Rotating Rapid Dow radar mounted on truck in field

1:16:10  Bow Echo and MCS Experiment (BAMEX) Mid-America Airport and Carlyle, Illinois, May 20, 2003
1:16:15  Rapid Dow radar mounted on flatbed truck
1:16:24  UAH van with surface weather station mounted on top
1:16:31  Researchers conferring with one another
1:16:55  Researchers preparing for balloon launch
1:17:05  Researchers inflating a balloon for launch
1:17:53  Researchers launches balloon
1:18:00  Balloon and instrument package airborne
1:18:19  Surface weather station
1:18:40  Researchers inflating and attaching instrument to a weather balloon
1:19:04  Researcher holding weather balloon and instrument package
1:19:14  Weather balloon and instrument package launched

1:19:19  Doppler on Wheels (DOW) Texas Panhandle-June 11, 2005
1:19:24  Radar research vehicles parked on side of highway
1:19:32  Dow truck with Rapid radar parked off highway
1:19:35  Doppler radar in motion
1:19:47  Researcher on telephone with radar screen in front of him

1:20:00  Title and credits

UCAR Communications
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Foothills Laboratory 4, Suite 1226
3300 Mitchell Lane
Boulder, Colorado  80301-2272
(303) 497-8606

1:20:17   Tape End.

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