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Stock Reel #21 "Storm related equipment and field projects"

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TRT 19 minutes 18 seconds

00:05                Title and credits


00:09 International H2O Project (IHOP)

Oklahoma Panhandle-May 14, 2002

Running Time 02:50

00:14                Researcher at computer screen

00:17                S-Pol radar out in field - pan from close up to distant shot

00:38                Rotating S-Pol radar dish -- close up and full shot

01:52                S-Pol radar & site with people

02:02                Surface weather station

02:08                Doppler on Wheels radar dish covered and loaded on truck

02:11                Field site with trailer

02:28                "S-Pol Weather Research Radar" sign w/Doppler in background

02:41                Researchers in S-Pol radar operation trailer


03:05 Doppler on Wheels (DOW)

Texas Panhandle-May 15, 2003

Running Time 03:27

03:10                Rotating Doppler radar on truck with researchers

03:46                Two researchers entering DOW3 truck unit

04:00                Rapid Dow radar

04:12                Rotating Doppler on Wheels radar with researcher

04:23                Truck on jacks and Rapid Dow radar pointing upward

04:23                Truck on jacks with Rapid Dow radar and Doppler radar in background

04:38                Doppler on Wheels radar being transported on truck

04:47                Rapid Dow radar on back of truck (on jacks) parked near field

04:58                Researcher in truck

05:19                Close up of Doppler on Wheels radar

05:30                Rotating Rapid Dow radar mounted on truck in field


06:38 Bow Echo and MCS Experiment (BAMEX)

Mid-America Airport and Carlyle, Illinois

May 20, 2003

Running Time 03:04

06:43                Rapid Dow radar mounted on flatbed truck

06:51                UAH van with surface weather station mounted on top

06:59                Researchers conferring with one another

07:35                Researchers inflating a balloon for launch

08:26                Researchers launches balloon

08:30                Balloon and instrument package airborne

08:47                Surface weather station

09:06                Researchers inflating and attaching instrument to a weather balloon

09:35                Researcher holding weather balloon and instrument package

09:43                Weather balloon and instrument package launched


09:47 Doppler on Wheels (DOW)

Texas Panhandle-June 11, 2005

Running Time 00:36

09:52                Radar research vehicles parked on side of highway

10:01                Dow truck with Rapid radar parked off highway

10:05                Doppler radar in motion

10:15                Researcher on telephone with radar screen in front of him


10:30 Test flights for HIAPER

(High-performance Instrumented Aircraft for Environmental Research)

Jefferson County Airport, Colorado

August 17, 2005

Running Time 08:27

10:35                HIAPER research aircraft ready for takeoff

10:52                Tail end shot of HIAPER

10:57                Rear-end shot of HIAPER

11:01                Researchers boarding HIAPER

11:06                Windows being cleaned aboard HIAPER

11:12                Front end shot of HIAPER

11:14                Engine close up shot

11:28                Nose shot of HIAPER

11:31                Close up shot of NSF insignia

11:34                Close up of engine

11:39                Close up of wingspan

11:45                Researchers inspecting HIAPER

11:48                Underbelly of HIAPER

12:05                HIAPER nose showing instrumentation

12:07                Researchers conferring near HIAPER

12:19                Pilots preparing to take flight

12:29                Researcher in HIAPER passage way

12:39                Pilot turning on panel for takeoff

13:01                Full shot of HIAPER with researchers on ground

13:07                Close up of tail panning to a full shot of aircraft

13:20                Surface weather station with foothills in background

13:28                Red and white building shot

13:32                Researcher watching takeoff

13:36                Red tank with wheels

13:37                Clouds

13:51                HIAPER engine close up shot

14:03                Wing flap engaged with man watching

14:10                Engine close up panning to a full aircraft shot

14:21                Close up of wingspan panning to full shot of aircraft

14:29                HIAPER taxing for takeoff

18:13                HIAPER airborne

19:01                Jefferson County Airport site, Colorado

19:05                Title and credits

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