Stock Weather and Climate Footage

Stock Reel #4 "Hail, Snowflakes and Snow"

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B-Roll Shot List


TRT 10:06

00:01   Blank footage
00:10   Opening credits
00:53   START Ice and snow on plants
01:19   Snow falling on house
01:25   Hail on ground
01:29   Clouds in sky
01:40   Snow falling
01:44   Ice crystals magnified
02:32   Ice crystals growing
03:03   Snow falling on lake
03:09   Snow falling on road, snow plow in view
03:29   Snow falling on creek
03:37   Snow falling on in forest
03:49   Snow falling on wooden structure
03:52   Snow falling on house
03:59   Snow falling on weather instruments
04:04   Snow falling on snow tractor
04:28   Mountain, snow on ground, clouds in sky
04:39   Snow falling, city scenes
04:53   Clouds in sky (zoom in)
05:06   Snow falling on
05:22   Ice crystals magnified
05:50   Rain falling
05:57   Ice crystal magnified
06:02   Storm clouds over field
06:15   Rain and hail falling
06:37   Hail damaged plants and animal
07:01   Hail stones close up
07:04   Scientist working with hail stone
07:34   Hail stone cross section magnified
08:02   Hail stone comparison
08:20   Hail on ground
08:26   Storm clouds over field
09:04   Rain and hail falling
09:24   Hail on ground
09:33   Hail damaged crops
09:46   Blank footage
10:06   END

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