Stock Weather and Climate Footage

Our stock footage library offers unique video of atmospheric and solar phenomena, pollution, clouds, research instruments, field projects, landscapes, storms, lightning, NCAR & UCAR labs, buildings, and campuses. Additional footage may be viewed on our AtmosNews YouTube channel. All copyright and usage requirements described here apply to all our YouTube footage.

All footage remains the property of UCAR and is restricted and protected by U.S. copyright laws. Footage may be used for noncommercial, nonprofit research or educational purposes only, without any fee or cost; all of our terms of use fully apply.

For commercial use in any broadcast, website, mirroring, or any other commercial activity you must obtain a license from us in advance. Please contact us regarding permission for commercial use.

Permissions & copyright questions for commercial use should be directed to:

Christy Locke
Administrative Support, UCAR
+1 303-497-8874

Copies of this footage are available at requester's expense from:

Video Transfer Inc.
5800 Arundel Avenue
Rockville MD 20852
+1 301-881-0270 phone
+1 301-770-9131 fax
Contact: Maria Spottswood
E-mail: videotransfer@movielab.com

About Streaming Video = streaming Web video available on the shot list page

Please contact Video Transfer, Inc. directly to confirm pricing

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Reel # Title Length Betacam SP DVD
Stock Reel #1 Solar Footage 18 Minutes video $35.00 $29.00
Stock Reel #2 Storms 32 Minutes video $60.00 $35.00
Stock Reel #3 Lightning 11 Minutes video $32.00 $29.00
Stock Reel #4 Hail, snowflake and snow footage 10 Minutes video $30.00 $29.00
Stock Reel #5 Time Lapse clouds 20 Minutes video $35.00 $29.00
Stock Reel #6 Pollution and miscellaneous 03 Minutes video $25.00 $29.00
Stock Reel #7 Rocky Mountain Wave Clouds 12 Minutes video $32.00 $29.00
Stock Reel #8 Computer Simulation of the Global Climatic Effects of Increased Greenhouse Gases 13 Minutes video $32.00 $29.00
Stock Reel #9 Introduction to UCAR & NCAR 07 Minutes video $30.00 $29.00
Stock Reel #10 Drought 16 Minutes video $35.00 $29.00
Stock Reel #11 Views of NCAR 80 Minutes video $98.00 $59.00
Stock Reel #19 Visualizations of Weather and Climate 15 Minutes video $32.00 $29.00
Stock Reel #20 Storms 2002-2005 53 Minutes video $75.00 $39.00
Stock Reel #21 Storm related equipment and field projects 20 Minutes video $35.00 $29.00

Where UCAR footage is reproduced it must bear the credit:

© University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

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The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) do not endorse or sponsor any commercial product, service, or activity. The user shall not use the footage when the use can be construed as an endorsement by UCAR or NCAR of a product, service, or activity.

User will hold UCAR harmless from all claims for the use of the footage, including defamatory use.

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