UCAR 2001:A Strategic Outlook for the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

May 1992

Mission Statement

The UCAR mission is

UCAR's overarching strategy to fulfill its mission is

Preface: The UCAR Vision

We, the Trustees of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, present a decadal strategic outlook that embodies our vision of UCAR's role in the future development of the atmospheric and related sciences.

There are two major scientific challenges facing UCAR and the community that it serves:

These two challenges are in many respects directly coupled scientifically, and both are of great economic, political, and societal importance.

UCAR will direct its energies and its resources to address the most important and most scientifically tractable problems within these areas. We will broaden our horizons to collaborate with disciplines such as biology, ecology, engineering, geology, hydrology, and the social sciences, while strengthening our more traditional disciplinary studies of the sun, the atmosphere, and the oceans. Our efforts will be supported by the most powerful observational and computational tools available. We will seek new sources of support and collaboration within the public and the private sectors, and we will ensure that our scientific accomplishments are promptly and articulately conveyed to national and international decision makers.

We are fully aware that only through a diversified work force, and through providing full opportunities for women, for minorities, and for people of all countries in the world, can these problems be effectively addressed. We will develop partnerships among NCAR, other UCAR programs, and the universities, consonant with the community's research objectives, and will broaden our endeavors and establish new ones as needed.

UCAR is committed to providing the service and leadership required to make the scientific progress we believe possible and to foster the use of scientific knowledge for the betterment of humankind.

Mission Statement
Preface: The UCAR Vision
Executive Summary
1. The Global Environment
2. UCAR--Past and Present
3. Challenges and Opportunities
4. Corporate Goals for the Decade
5. A Look Ahead