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2009 Up-the-Hill goes to the moon
On August 29, staff converged on the Mesa Lab for the annual Up-the-Hill Race, sponsored by the Employee Activities Committee (EAC). This year's theme was "Humans on the Moon," to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. Relay teams competed to devise the most clever moon theme and carry a pseudo moon rock up the hill.
Spring Fling returns to its lip-sync roots
Coiffed, cool, and choreographed, the acts at this year's Spring Fling harked back to the origins of the all-staff party's 13-year-old lip sync contest. The theme was Motown, and the music from that Detroit-based hit factory of the 1960s provided plenty of snappy, soulful inspiration for five very diverse acts.
2008 Outstanding Accomplishment Awards
Change is in the air this winter, along with tough fiscal times. However, the consistently convivial all-staff holiday party on December 12 at Center Green remained true to its upbeat self. Twenty-eight staff members received awards for their outstanding work.
Up-the-Hill 2008: Annual race moves indoors
On September 12, for the first time in its storied 29-year history, the Up-the-Hill Race took place behind closed doors. Damp, chilly weather forced the cancellation of the bike and foot races just hours before the race was to start.
Spring Fling 2008: Eat, drink, and sync
This year's event, dubbed the Spring Fling Classic, marked a return to the traditional lip sync after last year's Center Green Idol takeoff.
Outstanding Accomplishment Awards 2007
The themes of peace and award-winning work took on added meaning at this year's holiday party, held on December 7 at Center Green. As always, the party was the setting for the annual Outstanding Accomplishment Awards, which went to 25 current and former staff in four categories.
Up-the-Hill 2007: Partygoers brave picnic hazards
It may be true that "life's a picnic," as claimed in the theme for the 28th annual Up-the-Hill Races and party. However, during the relay race, the mesa road was littered with reminders of how a nice meal outside can go awry.
Spring Fling 2007: Center Green Idol!
The annual Spring Fling celebration on May 11 featured the introduction of "Center Green Idol," a twist on the hit TV show American Idol. In front of a packed auditorium at Center Green, staff contestants sang, danced, performed poetry, demonstrated tae kwon do, presented creative outcomes for the NCAR recompetition, and more.
Outstanding Accomplishment Awards 2006
On December 8, staffers packed the Center Green auditorium for the annual holiday party and awards ceremony. This year?s Outstanding Accomplishment Awards featured 17 nominations, comprising a record 138 individuals, including university collaborators. UCAR president Rick Anthes congratulated the winners and nominees, and thanked the jury members for their thoughtful deliberations.
Up-the-Hill 2006: Staffers have a ball at 2006 Up-the-Hill Races
In honor of the party theme "Have a Ball," staffers converged at the Mesa Lab last Friday for the annual Up-the-Hill Races dressed in everything from frilly ball gowns to "ball-and-chain" jail uniforms, as well as functional Spandex bike shorts.
Spring Fling 2006: The Hippie Dippie '60s!
The annual Spring Fling, whose theme this year was "Hippie Dippie '60s," drew hundreds of partygoers to Center Green last Friday, including many too young to actually recall the '60s.
Outstanding Accomplishment Awards 2005
This year's awards featured 14 nominations, comprising a record 127 individuals, including many university collaborators.
Up-the-Hill 2005: "World Games" have an international flair
Sunny skies made it a perfect day for bike and foot races, followed by food, music, and mingling. This year's theme was World Games.
Spring Fling 2005: The 1980s
Amazons, aliens, and animated vegetables took to the stage in this year's Spring Fling, as staffers set aside their everyday work clothes and got decked out for a 1980s-themed lip sync competition.
Outstanding Accomplishment Awards 2004
The December 10 all-staff party at the Mesa Lab, sponsored by the Employee Activities Committee, continued the tradition of ringing in the holidays while recognizing the outstanding work of employees.

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