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December 1999
January 2000

A Staff Notes Monthly family album

We started out as a good idea, we became an experiment, and now we're an institution. UCAR and NCAR embark on a fifth decade of achievement at this, the dawn of a new millennium. Staff Notes Monthly couldn't resist this opportunity to look back at where we've been and who we've been. We knew it was impossible to provide a truly comprehensive wrap-up of the past 40 years. In the next eight pages, you will find something else: an admittedly subjective but hopefully intriguing snapshot of some of the people and places that have helped give life to UCAR, NCAR, and UOP since 1960.

Inserted in this issue, you'll also find a copy of the commemorative poster prepared by the 40th anniversary committee. Extra copies of the poster can be obtained from Susan Foster, ext. 2108, sfoster@ucar.edu.

Special thanks go to the Imaging and Design Center, to the top-notch photographers who have recorded our history through the years--particularly Bob Bumpas, Carlye Calvin, Ginger Hein, and Charlie Semmer--and to NCAR archivist Diane Rabson. Diane will delve into each of our four decades of history in more depth during the four quarters of 2000. Watch for the return of her column "It Happened Here" in our March issue.

The guided tour

To follow UCAR/NCAR story, use the handy links. The icon shown at left appears at the top of every page (click "SN" to go to the table of contents for this issue), and text links appear at the bottom.

Share your stories, test your memory

How much do you really know about our history? What's your favorite memory or anecdote? On the "Memories" page of the 40th anniversary Web site, you can read contributions by UCAR/NCAR staff and friends and share your own stories. Also try our multiple-choice trivia quiz, first published in the April 1995 Staff Notes Monthly and updated for the 40th anniversary site.


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