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Volume 34, Number 12 / Volume 35, Number 1
December 1999-January 2000

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Just One Look

Among the many anniversaries noted of late were the 15- and 25-year service marks reached by the staff in this photo, taken at a recognition luncheon on 12 November. From left: Andrew Mai (CGD), Donna Melle (F&A), David Elmore (HAO), John Veresh (F&A), Vicki Holzhauer and Mickey Glantz (both of ESIG), Jim Walega (ACD), Jim Hack (CGD), Dan Wilson (F&A), Ben Foster (HAO), Al Cooper (ASP), Celia Darnell (ATD), and Al Schanot (ATD). Beginning in 2000, the annual lunch will recognize 35-year veterans as well as the 15- and 25-year stalwarts.

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