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November 1999

New Hires

(front row, left to right):
Terri Cantrell, administrative assistant with ATD.
Cheri Knobbe, programmer/analyst with HAO.
Richard Dixon, food services generalist.
Cecelia Deluca, software engineer/programmer with SCD.
Tanya Beck, administrative assistant with ESIG.

(middle row, left to right):
Christine Fletcher, site services coordinator with F&A.
Tomoko Matsuo, graduate fellow with ASP.
Daniel Marsh, postdoctoral fellow with HAO.
Andrew Gettelman, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.

(back row, left to right):
Justin Wettstein, scientific visitor with ESIG.
Robert Harkness, software engineer/programmer with SCD.
Autumn Moss, student visitor with ESIG.
Bryan Anderson, food services generalist.

(front row, left to right):
Linda Labrie, computer production with SCD.
Isla Gilmour, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.
Mei Xu, scientific visitor with ESIG.
Karen Smith-Herman, administrative assistant with ISS.

(back row, left to right):
Brandon Fichera, student assistant with ATD.
Dianne Bernier, administrative assistant with GPS Science and Technology.
Sean Burns, associate scientist with MMM.
Jennifer Cram, associate scientist with RAP.

(front row, left to right):
Karen Juenemann, P.C. assistant with RAP.
Deborah Booth, administrative assistant with HAO.
Anne Wilson, software engineer/programmer with Unidata.

(back row, left to right):
Didier Voisin, scientific visitor with ACD.
Bryan Fong, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.
Gawain O'Connor, systems administrator with ATD.
Daran Rife, associate scientist with RAP.

Other New Hires

Nancy Dawson, casual with UCAR.
Mary Elliot, postdoctoral fellow with VSP.
Andrea Johnson, student assistant with UCAR Communications.
Nancy Kuhn, casual with F&A.
Seth Linden, student assistant with RAP.
Robert MacQueen, scientific visitor with HAO.
Premal Madhani, student assistant with GST.
Adrianne Middleton-Link, casual with CGD.
Marcel Verstraete, casual with ATD.
Barb Vlasity, casual with CGD.
John Yeung, student assistant with JOSS.
Greg Young, associate scientist with RAP.


Lawrence Astor, 7 October
Misty Crown, 1 October
Victoria Culkin, 10 September
Joe Fowler, 15 October
Gary Horton, 12 October
Craig Johns, 15 August
Kelly O'Connell, 13 October
Manuel Pondeca, 1 October
Richard Powers, 30 September
James Sulzman, 30 September


John Adams, 20 September

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