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November 1999

Got a question? Ask the new Delphi coordinator

Janet Evans (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Your newly elected Delphi coordinator, Janet Evans, has already received several Delphi questions plus numerous inquiries about how the Delphi service operates. "The response from staff has been great," Janet says, "I see a real need for this service and am proud to be a part of it." The Delphi coordinator oversees the operation of the Delphi service, which allows staff to ask questions of management in a confidential manner. Questions can cover a wide range of topics; check the Delphi Web site.

The hallmark of the Delphi process is confidentiality. The Delphi coordinator does not disclose the name of any questioner. Instead, Janet forwards all submitted questions in confidence to an appropriate responder. "Also, if you have a question or concern, but aren't certain how to phrase it, then I'm glad to help", she says. Questions and answers of general interest are published in Staff Notes Monthly.

Janet suggests that you send Delphi questions to her via interoffice mail to the Mesa Lab, room 517. She asks, "please make certain that your question is in a sealed envelope marked 'confidential'." Don't forget to include your name and home address, since Janet will use regular postal service to communicate with you from that point on. You may also send your question directly to Janet at her home by contacting her for her home address. E-mail is also an option, but please recognize that e-mail does not guarantee privacy.

If you're interested in Delphi history, the previous Delphi coordinator (Rene Munoz) kept a summary of all questions asked, including those not distributed in This Week at UCAR or Staff Notes Monthly.. The log includes question number, dates of question and response, the general topic, and responder's (but not questioner's) name. The previous coordinator also created a helpful FAQ section as well. Janet plans to maintain the log of Delphi questions and update the Web site as she settles into her new role as Delphi coordinator. Your comments and suggestions regarding the Delphi Web site are welcome. You can reach Janet at extension 1114 or by e-mail at jevans@ucar.edu.

Watch for Delphi questions/answers and a further update on the Delphi process in upcoming issues of Staff Notes Monthly.

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