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October 1999

New Hires

(seated, left to right):
Dave Charbonneau, graduate research assistant with HAO.
Beth Epperly, administrative assistant with F&A.
Bob Harriss, director of ESIG.
Jennifer Oxelson, administrative assistant with ESIG.
Jannell Beyer, traffic services clerk with F&A.
Peter Friend, traffic services clerk with F&A.

(standing, left to right):
Amy Smith, contracts administrator with F&A.
Steven Haynes, mechanical engineer with F&A.
Jeffrey Stith, facility manager with ATD.
Laura Kriho, administrative assistant with CGD.

(seated, left to right):
Pamela Ballard, contracts administrator with F&A.
Lara Cervantes, division/program administrator with F&A.
Kevin Reitz, student assistant with UNAVCO.

(standing , left to right):
Miles Waite, casual with F&A.
Hilary Justh, student visitor with RAP.
Dale Barker, program scientist with MMM.
Margaret Kingston, casual with F&A.
Judith Berner, graduate fellow with ASP.

Other New Hires

Mary Elliot, postdoctoral fellow with VSP.
Aime Fournier, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.
Christopher Guay, scientific visitor with VSP.
Carmen Murray, casual with ATD.
Sergey Sokolovskiy, visitor with COSMIC.
Mei Xu, scientific visitor with ESIG.

SN regrets an error in last month's issue: Jasen White, technician with SCD.


Amy Allen, 13 August
Jian-Wen Bao, 17 September
Tammy Davis, 27 August
David Erickson, 4 September
Scott Eisele, 6 August
David Failing, 16 August
Arthur Few, 21 August
Timothy Gilpin, 26 August
Lois Giovanni, 20 August
Donglai Gong, 24 August
Brian Heckman, 21 August
Peter Hildebrand, 27 August
Brian Hill, 20 August
Konrad Hughen, 31 August
Yuki Kaneko, 17 September
Jennifer Keldenich, 4 September
Marc Latourette, 25 August
Travis Lawall, 13 September
Denise Mauzerall, 19 August
Aaron Nutter, 4 September
Sherie Palmer, 27 August
Rajul Pandya, 15 August
Matthew Rogers, 2 August
Simon Rosenfeld, 11 September
Meridith Ruwet, 3 September
Raymond Shaw, 10 August
Chantal Simonpietri, 4 September
Steven Smith, 31 August
Collette Stewart, 20 August
Sean Webb, 21 August
Fuzhong Weng, 31 August
Charles Zender, 10 September


Judy Fukuhara, 20 August

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