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October 1999

Your guide to the 40th anniversary slate of events

Anniversaries can be a time of looking back or looking ahead. UCAR and NCAR are planning a good deal of both over the next year. The 40th anniversary of both entities will arrive in 2000, which is the same year as NSF's 50th anniversary and HAO's 60th. Then there's the impending millennium. This convergence has spurred a year-long series of events that will provide for celebration, reflection, and perhaps new directions for the UCAR/NCAR/UOP community.

The celebration kicks off in October with a visualization show, a new Web site, and the annual meeting of UCAR members. Other activities will follow almost every month through October 2000. Many of these are open to the public, others are aimed at our university and other institutional partners, and still others are intended mainly for staff. Most of the activities are being supported through a special allocation of funds from the UCAR President's Council.

Below is a sampling of the events now lined up. The program is a work in progress, currently being led by a 40th anniversary committee and administered by Cindy Schmidt and Susan Foster (UCAR Office of Government Affairs). The best way to keep in touch with developments is to watch This Week at UCAR's announcements and calendar sections and check the 40th anniversary Web site. The site, to be unveiled in a few days, will be linked directly from the UCAR home page. •

October 1999

Viz Lab goes to the people

Boulderites will get a rare wide-screen look at visualizations of climate and weather features when SCD's Visualization Lab and NASA Goddard join forces for a public presentation at the NIST auditorium on 12 October. (Illustration courtesy Don Middleton.)

"Visualizing Our Planet--Digital Animations on the Wide Screen" is a public event at the NIST auditorium on 12 October from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. SCD's Don Middleton, Fritz Hasler (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), and UCAR president Rick Anthes will take viewers on a tour starting with animations of early satellite observations from the 1960s, along with climate and storm simulations. On a 12-by-36-foot screen, views of earth as seen from space will be followed by simulations of our present climate and climate change as well as forms of clear air, planetary, and solar turbulence. The program will conclude with some thoughts on the future applications of visualization in science, education, entertainment, and the home.

Members' meeting to examine our scientific future

Representatives from UCAR's 63 member and 20 affiliate universities will assemble in Boulder, along with the University Relations Committee, for the UCAR Annual Meeting on 12-13 October. They will spend a good part of the meeting exploring how to implement priorities called out in two major reports of the past year: The Atmospheric Sciences Entering the 21st Century (issued by the National Research Council's Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate) and the NSF/GEO 2000 plan (from NSF's Geosciences Directorate). A survey of university faculty will follow. Conclusions from the entire process will be reviewed at the year-2000 annual meeting and published for the community at large.

Walter Orr Roberts.

Second Walter Orr Roberts Distinguished Lecture

John Firor will be the honored lecturer, presenting a talk titled "From a View of Grand Canyon to a Vision of Science in the Twenty-First Century." Former U.S. senator Tim Wirth, now president of the United Nations Foundation, will introduce John. The public talk is on Tuesday, 19 October, at 5:00 p.m. in the Boulder Public Library auditorium. To attend the reception that follows, RSVP to Gloria Kelly (ext. 2102, gloriak@ucar.edu).

40th anniversary Web site

The site, will include a capsule history of HAO, NCAR, and UCAR; an interactive trivia quiz; and a "memories" section through which visitors can share their stories about our people and projects. The page will also link to the new Walter Orr Roberts Forum, which will feature science lectures, congressional briefings, and links to education and outreach information.

February 2000

National Public Science Day

An open house featuring hands-on, Web-based activities about the weather will be held for students, teachers, and the public at the Mesa Lab in mid-February. The activities are being developed by UCAR, CU's Science Discovery program, and the Boulder Valley School District; together, they make up one of 15 science-center partnerships in the nation recognized this year by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Unisys Corporation. The event is part of AAAS's national focus on the science of everyday things.

April 2000

UCAR goes to the Conference on World Affairs

UCAR will convene a special 40th-anniversary session during the World Affairs Conference at CU. Scientists will be drawn from the international community to participate in panels addressing climate change, space weather, and women in science.

May 2000

Spring Fling: Life begins at 40

The Employee Activities Committee is already looking at options for a special Spring Fling, possibly including off-campus sites. Contact the EAC (eac@ucar.edu) if you'd like to get involved in the planning.

June 2000

Conversations with Rita Colwell

In recognition of the UCAR/NCAR, HAO, and NSF anniversaries, NSF director Rita Colwell will speak to trustees, staff, and the public during a mid-June visit. She will discuss accomplishments, trends, and opportunities in the atmospheric sciences, with a special focus (possibly Antarctic research) during the public program.

New exhibit for the Mesa Lab

A major exhibit outlining UCAR and NCAR's history and role in the atmospheric sciences is now being prepared for a June debut. It will be mounted in the foyer atop the SCD machine room, possibly extending into the north part of the lobby mezzanine.

Bubbles and Balloons Festival

This daylong event on Sunday, 18 June, will use the intrinsic fun of bubbles and balloons to illustrate science concepts and draw kids and their parents to the Mesa Lab. Atmospheric soundings will be launched along with giant soap bubbles. A dance performance, participatory activities, bubble and balloon paraphernalia, and refreshments will round out the day's activities.

How do you picture this anniversary?

Staff Notes Monthly is planning a special issue for December. We'll be featuring some of the most interesting, dramatic, telling, and beautiful photos from the long history of HAO, NCAR, and UCAR.

Is there a particular image that speaks to you about our history and the people of this institution? If so, we'd like to consider it for inclusion in the December issue. Please contact editor Bob Henson (bhenson@ucar.edu, ext. 8605), or mail a copy of the image directly to Bob at FL4. If it's a photo from the NCAR archives, we can probably track down the original slide or negative. If it's from another source, we'll eventually need the name and location of the photographer and either the original source or a high-resolution print. We also plan to include some of the stories behind these images, so feel free to include any details you recall.

We need your contributions by 18 October. Thanks in advance for your help. •

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