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September 1999

The search is on for new directors of NCAR, ACD

Bob Serafin. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

At the July meeting of the UCAR Board of Trustees, Bob Serafin announced his departure from the post of NCAR director after ten years of service. Bob plans to leave the director's office next February and continue in a yet-to-be-determined position for another year. Also at the July meeting, it was announced that ACD director Guy Brasseur will be heading to Hamburg, Germany, early next year to become the director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. Guy is taking a two-year leave of absence from NCAR.

A search committee headed by MMM senior scientist Joe Klemp is now soliciting applicants for the NCAR directorship. Other members of the search committee are Edna Comedy (UCAR), Len Fisk (University of Michigan), Michael Knölker (HAO), and Paola Rizzoli (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Nominations and other feedback may be sent to Joe (FL3, ext. 8902, klemp@ucar.edu) or to Steve Dickson (FB, ext. 1674, dickson@ucar.edu) through September. People interested in the position are being asked to submit their applications by 1 October.

At the UCAR-wide town meetings held in August, president Rick Anthes encouraged staff to voice their opinions to the committee on what type of leader ought to be hired to bring NCAR into the 21st century. Although a new director might be on board as soon as next spring, the search will continue for as long as it takes to find the right person, Rick added.

Susan Solomon (NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory, 303-497-3483, Susan.Solomon@noaa.gov) has been appointed head of the search committee for ACD director. The search process was being organized at press time.

More information on the NCAR director search may be found on the Web. An interview with Bob will appear in the fall issue of the UCAR Quarterly; a May Staff Notes Monthly interview is on line. •BH

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