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September 1999

New Hires

(front row, left to right):
David Ahijevych, associate scientist with MMM.
Phyllis Darcy, painter with FSS.
Roberta Klein, associate scientist with ESIG.
Tim Hundsdorfer, budget analyst with NCAR Director's Office.

(middle row, left to right):
Jennifer Keldenich, student assistant with MMM.
Glenn Grant, software engineer with CGD.
Conrad Roesch, student assistant with RAP.
Warren Gallaher, technician with GPS Science and Technology.

(back row, left to right):
Jefferson Moore, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.
Eric Defer, postdoctoral fellow with MMM.
Jasen White, technician with FSS.
Thierry Emonet, scientific visitor with HAO.

(front row, left to right):
Charles Kurnik, engineer with GPS Science and Technology.
Stuart Robertson, student visitor with ESIG.

(back row, left to right):
Craig Johns, scientific visitor with CGD.
Karin Swett, software engineer/programmer with CGD.
Derek Straub, graduate research assistant/programmer with ASP.

(front row, left to right):
Karl Schwenz, instrument maker/mechanic with ATD.
Sonia Lasher-Trapp, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.

(back row, left to right):
Susan Jeffries, software engineer/programmer with GPS Science and Technology.
Kristian Woyna, software engineer/programmer with F&A.

Other New Hires

Jian-Wen Bao, scientific visitor with VSP.
Mathew Barlow, postdoctoral fellow with VSP.
Manchun Chen, scientific visitor with VSP.
Paul Herzegh, casual with RAP.
Teddie Keller, scientific visitor with RAP.
Robert MacQueen, scientific visitor with HAO.
Michael Newchurch, casual with ACD.
Christina Tague, scientific visitor with UCAR VSP.
Aijun Zhang, scientific visitor with VSP.


Heather Allen, 30 June
Rachel Ames, 23 July
Tomas Anderson, 30 July
Gregory Battle, 23 July
Beau Charbonneau, 22 July
Nathan Fetterman, 26 July
Jeff Guggenmos, 23 July
Martin Herbordt, 31 July
Warren Johnson, 1 June
Bonnie Keillor-Slaten, 2 April
Norma LaMadrid, 6 August
Stacey Masia, 15 July
Martin Petach, 12 July
Hardi Peter, 31 July
William Wilson, 1 July

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