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Volume 34, Number 9 -- September 1999

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These bikes with Leonard Sitongia and Karl Hanzel are blue for a reason. They are the first in UCAR's new fleet of "blue bike" loaners. The bikes can be checked out by staff and official visitors for day use (errands and the like) from the FL and ML reception desks. Visitors may borrow the bikes for longer periods if needed. Locks and helmets are provided. Karl was inspired to launch the blue-bike program after COMET visitors regularly asked where they might rent bikes to get around town. He and fellow volunteers with the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) painted and restored bikes that had been languishing in the garages of a number of UCAR/NCAR/UOP staff, including Joe VanAndel, Jan Hopper, Rich Johnson, Carol Park, Barb Petruzzi, Phil Rasch, Becky Ruttenberg, and Andrew Weekley. If you'd like to donate your bike or contribute some time helping to maintain the blue bikes, write to trans_alt@ucar.edu or contact Karl or Leonard. Most of the donations have been road bikes, so mountain bikes are especially welcome right now. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

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