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August 1999

New Hires

(front row, left to right):
Theresa Johnson, SOARS protégé.
Susan Bicknell, graphic artist with ISS.
Kyoko Ikeda, student assistant with MMM.
Waleska Rivera, SOARS protégé.
Amanda Szymczak, SOARS protégé.
Rynda Hudman, SOARS protégé.

(second row, left to right):
Thomas Smith, SOARS protégé.
Sarah Tessendorf, SOARS protégé.
Cristina Kaufman, associate scientist with CGD.
Kanika Benton, SOARS protégé.

(third row, left to right):
Samuel Ajayi, SOARS protégé.
Donglai Gong, student visitor with HAO.
Pamela Gillman, software engineer/programmer with SCD.
Joan Fisher, administrative assistant with COSMIC.

(back row, left to right):
Shaan Bliss, SOARS protégé.
David Hahn, student assistant with RAP.
Jonathan Vigh, SOARS protégé.
Erik Jeffries, student assistant with SCD.
Chan Doh, student assistant with ATD.

(front row, left to right):
Gregory Battle, visitor with ACD.
Mark Zondlo, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.
Yuki Kaneko, student visitor with HAO.

(back row, left to right):
Martin Herbordt, visitor with SCD.
Jill Reisdorf, administrative assistant with JOSS.
William Wilson, systems administrator with RAP (now departed).
Scott Eisele, student assistant with ATD.
David Grant, student visitor with ACD.

Other New Hires

Robert Cherry, administrative assistant with JOSS.
Arthur Few, scientific visitor with PAGE.
Joan Fisher, administrative assistant with COSMIC.
Kristen Johnson, student visitor with ACD.
Aaron Nutter, student visitor with ESIG.
John Pedretti, casual with CGD.
Kevin Reitz, student assistant with GPS Science and Technology.
Anton Seimon, student visitor with ESIG.
Kelly Sponberg, program specialist with JOSS.


Peter Ambenje, 4 June
Kurt Brock, 28 June
Terry Bryan, 25 June
Thomas K. Davies, 11 June
Vanda Grubisic, 30 April
Susan Harper, 1 June
Paul Herzegh, 18 June
Marjorie Hohwald, 28 May
Lee Klinger, 30 June
Shobha Kondragunta, 2 July
Robert Lackman, 21 June
Dean Lindstrom, 14 June
Edward Manzanares, 31 May
Adrianne Middleton-Link, 21 June
Susan Molsberry, 25 June
Robert Niffenegger, 27 May
Thomas D. Parker, 18 June
John Pedretti, 8 June
Timothy Schneider, 18 June
Susan Schemel, 27 May
Anji Seth, 6 June
Yannick Tremolet, 31 May

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