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August 1999

RTD comes to Jeffco

Shown here (dashed line) is the extension of RTD route 228 that will serve RAF and Colorado AeroTech. Stop locations will be announced before the extension begins on 1 September. (Illustration courtesy U.S. 36 Transportation Management Organization.)

After years of being off the beaten path, employees of the Research Aviation Facility at Jefferson County Airport will soon be on a main bus route. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) has revised its route 228 to serve the airport more directly beginning on 1 September. Route 228 includes northwest and southeast routes connecting Broomfield and Louisville in both directions each half hour between 6:35 and 8:35 a.m. and again between 3:35 and 5:35 p.m. The northwest-bound morning runs and the southeast-bound evening runs will stop on 120th Street near Jeffco.

The route change occurred in part because of UCAR/NCAR. George Nichol, an instrument technician at RAF, combines biking and busing to get to work; his was one of the most ardent voices asking to bring RTD closer to Jeffco and RAF. At George's urging, Karl Hanzel (COMET), one of the lead volunteers for the UCAR/NCAR Transportation Alternatives Program, joined with airport manager Bob Lohne and Colorado AeroTech president Dean Gowen in writing to RTD on 18 February. Their letter noted that "alternatives to automobile transport are badly needed here at the airport." RTD responded with an agreement to revise route 228.

With rapid growth occurring at the Interlocken business park and the upcoming FlatIron Crossing mall, more RTD service to this area may be in the cards--eventually. "RTD would like to oblige," says Adam Krom, of the U.S. 36 Transportation Management Organization, which works to increase mobility on the U.S. 36 corridor. However, he notes, "RTD has been over 100 bus operators short recently," so any new routes will have to wait. •Bob Henson

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