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August 1999

It's Delphi election time

Two staff members, Janet Evans and Jo Hansen, have been nominated by employees as candidates for this month's election of a new coordinator for the Delphi Service. The Delphi coordinator oversees the operation of the service, which allows staff to ask questions of management in a confidential manner. Questions and answers of general interest are published in Staff Notes Monthly (though few general-interest questions have been submitted in recent years). Candidates must have been at the institution at least four years and may not hold a management-level position (salary ranges 9110-9127). Other qualifications include high personal integrity, detailed knowledge of UCAR, and the ability to maintain the trust and confidence of employees. The new coordinator will be appointed to a four-year term and is eligible to run for a second term in 2003.

Ballots will be distributed to all staff around 8 August, to be returned by 18 August to Susan Montgomery-Hodge. For more details on the election process, contact Susan, ext. 1653, montgoms@ucar.edu. The Delphi Service's Web page includes details on the service, a list of all recent question topics, and links to questions and answers published in Staff Notes Monthly. Below are statements from each nominee for coordinator. •Bob Henson

Janet Evans. (Photos by Carlye Calvin.)

Janet Evans

I was the first accountant that UCAR hired, back in 1986, and I worked in the finance office until late 1996. Since then, I've worked in the NCAR Director's Office as a budget analyst. I think of UCAR/NCAR as part of my extended family.

My present work at NCAR allows access to information that must also be kept confidential; it's part of my job every day. Also, as a CPA, I adhere to a strict code of professional conduct as part of the state licensing process.

The Delphi Service is something that sets UCAR apart from other employers; it's such a great idea. I would be pleased to be part of a process that fosters communication among employees. If elected as coordinator, I would like to spend time cross-training with Rene Munoz [the current Delphi coordinator] and seeking her advice. I'd also like to increase communication of the Delphi policy to staff, so that more people could become aware of this service.

Jo Hansen.

Jo Hansen

I have been a UCAR/NCAR employee since April 1990, beginning with an appointment in the MMM Director's Office. There I met and interacted with employees at all organizational and personnel levels throughout the corporation. My next two appointments have been at UOP/Unidata.

Duties and responsibilities pertaining to personnel, financial, scientific, and technical aspects of the organization have been the common thread in each position, providing me a wide range of knowledge about UCAR and its policies and procedures.

During my tenure at MMM I served on the Divisional Equity Committee, which addressed and sought to resolve issues potentially relevant and interesting to staff who send queries through the Delphi process as well. Service as a SOARS writing mentor (for the past three years) and as a member of the UCAR Wellness Committee (since its inception in 1991) have provided other venues for viewing organizational activity.

The Delphi process gives employees the opportunity to acquire information in a highly confidential and comprehensive manner. Despite its confidentiality, the process is free-flowing and strengthens the organization. I would approach the position in the spirit of service and confidentiality.

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