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July 1999

Random Profile:
Tamra Eubank

Every other month, Random Profile spotlights a stochastically chosen staff member. This month we profile Tamra Eubank, housing and relocation coordinator with Human Resources.

Tamra Eubank. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

What she does all day:

The best thing about her job:

How much is "whatever the market will bear" these days?

On the road:

Not exactly swimming with dolphins:

The biggest party she's ever attended:

The years of living entrepreneurially:

Intellectual travels:

There's no place like home:

Error in predicting her own matrimony:

If you have a room, apartment, or house that you'd like to consider renting to a visitor, contact Tamra at ext. 8719, teubank@ucar.edu. The greatest demand is during summer.

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