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July 1999

New Hires

(front row, left to right)
Andrea Mathews, administrative assistant with F&A.
Jennifer (Zoe) Miller, student visitor with ESIG.
Sean Webb, student visitor with MMM.
Anna Segurson, student assistant with SCD.
Lesley Will, student assistant with HAO.

(middle row, left to right)
Frank Lee, student assistant with GST.
Brian Hill, student visitor with ACD.
Julien Chastang, student assistant with RAP.
Matthew Meister, student assistant with RAP.
Virginia Benson, administrative assistant with F&A.
Tobiah Fernsler, student assistant with ATD.

(back row, left to right)
Anthony Lowry, scientific visitor with GPS Science and Technology.
Timothy Lim, technician with ATD.
Arlie Huffman, associate scientist with CGD.
Michael Stearns, student assistant with NCAR Director's Office.

Other New Hires

Sylvia Darmour, casual with SCD.
Tammy Davis, student assistant with JOSS.
Stephen Jascourt, postdoctoral fellow with COMET.
Erik Jeffries, student assistant with SCD.
Yottana Khunatorn, student assistant with ACD.
John Latham, senior research associate with MMM.
Katherine White, program specialist with JOSS.


Lisa Cannon, 21 May.
Ivan Csiszar, 20 May.
Trish Eliasson, 21 May
Steven Fisher, 2 April
Beverly Lynds, 21 May
Virginia Owen, 29 May
Gordana Sindjib-Rancic, 26 May
Francois Thibaud, 30 April

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