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July 1999

Delphi Service coordinator: Your nominees needed by 1 July

The survey results

More than 140 staff responded to the survey distributed by Delphi coordinator Rene Munoz this spring. More than half the respondents thought the two-year term should be lengthened. By a ratio of about 3 to 1, the respondents agreed that UCAR policy should allow the Delphi coordinator to stand for reelection.

The question "any other comments?" elicited some interesting feedback. One respondent suggested that candidates be required to be on staff for at least two years. A couple of others commented that they had no idea what the Delphi Service is--a visibility issue for the new coordinator to address. •

Since the mid-1970s, the Delphi Service has provided a means for staff to ask questions related to UCAR/NCAR/UOP policy and procedure. Answers to questions of general interest are published in Staff Notes Monthly; others are sent in confidence to the questioner. Rene Munoz, Delphi coordinator since 1995, is stepping down, and a new coordinator will soon be elected by an all-staff vote. Nominations are being sought through 1 July for the position.

This spring Rene distributed a print survey to all staff on issues related to the length of term of the Delphi coordinator position, since the UCAR policy manual was not entirely specific on a few points. (See sidebar.) With the survey results in hand, the President's Council voted on 21 May to make the coordinator a four-year post, with the possibility of reelection to a second four-year term. The council added the requirement that nominees must have been at the institution for at least four years. They also may not hold a management-level position (salary ranges 9110-9127). Eligible staff may nominate themselves. Other qualifications include high personal integrity, detailed knowledge of UCAR, and the ability to maintain the trust and confidence of the staff members.

Each nominee should be advised of the nomination and agree to serve as Delphi coordinator, if elected. The nominee should confer with her or his supervisor to determine how the time and effort required could be accommodated within the workload of the person's normally assigned activities. Supervisors will make every reasonable effort to arrange workloads so as to allow a staff member to serve as coordinator, if elected.

Nominations should be sent by memo, e-mail, or phone to the attention of Susan Montgomery-Hodge (FB, ext. 1653, montgoms@ucar.edu). Each eligible nominee will be profiled in the August issue of Staff Notes Monthly, with the election to be held shortly thereafter.

For more information on the purpose and process of the Delphi Service, see UCAR Policy 4-1-2, and the Delphi Web site.

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