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Spring Fling '99:
The sync's
the thing

Link to COMET's streaming video of the Fling!

Bathed in resplendent tackiness, the 1970s took center stage at this year's Spring Fling. All four of the musical numbers in the lip-sync competition drew material from that much-maligned decade.

First prize went to a group from F&A who reenacted Steve Martin's version of "King Tut." Steve Hinson was the stone-faced king, attended by Judy Jones. The elaborate costumes and props included cobalt-blue robes, gold lame headdresses and chest plates, and a giant feathered fan to keep Tut cool. Dancers were Melissa Miller, Anita Monk-Ryan, Rebecca Oliva, Connie Cage, Tina Sedillo, and Carolyn Simerly. Musician-syncers included Heather Howard and Willie Haynes (guitar) and Diane Norman (trumpet). Saxophonist Diann Duino emerged from an elaborately decorated tomb. "It was a tough competition," said a grinning Diann, "but somehow we pulled it out."

Tut-Tut: Steve Hinson struts his stuff as the Fling's unofficial king.
Above: Diann Duino adds sax appeal to F&A's show-stopper.
Below: Connie Cage dances like--what else?--an Egyptian.

F&A did have some formidable rivals: HR brought the Blues Brothers' version of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" to life. As in past years, Bob Roesch was at the center of it all. This time Bob wore an udderly bovine outfit that included a "longhorn" blown for emphasis at strategic moments. Bob was corralled by Laurie Carr, Cheryl Cristanelli, Karla Edwards, Jenny Maggert, Nancy Norris, Cyd Perrone, and Terry Woods.

Bob Roesch blows his horn as Holstein for a day.
Below: Ghost rider Karla Edwards, flask in hand, whoops it up.

COMET and PAGE revived the "Time Warp," a signature number from the seventies cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Craig Hartsough, as an appropriately scary Riff Raff, was joined by Dr. Scott (Woody Wang), whose flip charts enabled all to participate in the "jump to the left" and the pelvic thrust. By Riff Raff's side were sisters Magenta (Wendy Abshire) and Columbia (Bonnie Slagel), along with other Transylvanian party guests (Katy Ginger, Heidi Godsil, and Kay Levesque).

Backed by Katy Ginger (far left) and Heidi Godsil, Wendy Abshire embodies the essence of Magenta-ness in COMET and PAGE's "Time Warp."
The Fling wasn't without its cultural merit. Those who'd never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show got a chance to learn the steps to the "Time Warp," thanks to Riff Raff (Craig Hartsough) and Dr. Scott (Woody Wang).

A multidivisional crew showed they have what it takes to strut back to the Disco Era. The group included Tim Barnes (ISS), Melanie Brunner (HESS), and SCD's Bob Campbell, Mary Haley, and Lana Soller. In Mardi Gras fashion, the group pelted the crowd (and the judges) with Tootsie Rolls. Tim stepped out for Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music," followed by Bob for "Celebrate" by Kool and the Gang. The vintage costumes included ruffles, fishnet, bell bottoms, platform shoes, glitter, and Superfly-style feathered fedoras.

Bob Campbell and Tim Barnes demonstrate their sartorial flair.
Dance fever strikes the Spring Fling with the help of these folks' fleet feet: (left to right) Mary Haley, Tim Barnes, Melanie Brunner, Bob Campbell, and Lana Soller.

The lineup of judges from the Employee Activities Committee included , Jennifer Delaurent, Tamra Eubank, Chris Knoetgen, Dana Knoetgen, Jeff Kuehn, Jerry Olson, Steve Sadler, and Suzy Siders. Master of ceremonies for the afternoon was the EAC's Scott "Buzz" Hayes, with Eron Brennon at the sound board. The audience got a bonus act as Kerry Slaven (Traffic Services) sang non-lip-synced renditions of "Unchained Melody" and several other numbers. There is talk of bringing Kerry back for an encore performance in the future.

The Spring Fling's lip-sync contest draws an appreciative crowd as the seated judges ponder greatness.
Lip-sync judge Steve Sadler (HESS) boasted a ready-to-tee-off chapeau with AstroTurf, a greens flag, and a pesky white ball that circled the green whenever he nodded his head.

Chris Cantrell's winning design for the 1999 UCAR/NCAR/UOP T-shirt made its debut at the party. Chris pocketed the $50 first-place award, followed by runners-up John Kermond (second place, $25), Eva Kacinsky (third place), and Bob Hueftle (honorable mention). All four winners also received one of the new T-shirts; you can get yours at nominal cost through the ML and FL reception desks. In traditional Spring Fling fashion, Food Services provided an array of tasty food and refreshing drinks. The weather also came through pleasingly. After a threatening midday, the skies brightened just in time, creating a warm and only partly cloudy afternoon for this, the final Spring Fling of the millennium. The seventies will live forever, of course. --Bob Henson and Zhenya Gallon

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