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Volume 34, Number 6 -- June 1999

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Bill Gates probably doesn't, and Bill Clinton couldn't if he wanted to without a phalanx of Secret Service staff. But UCAR president Rick Anthes bikes to work--and not only when the weather's nice, as evidenced by this photo from the chilly days of early spring. In GO Boulder's third annual contest, Rick has been selected as one of the city's five Commuters of the Year. The honor earned him a spot in one of GO Boulder's ads appearing this month in local media (far right) and in a front-page article in the Boulder Daily Camera. Rick was nominated by a Fleischmann Building colleague, executive assistant Susan Montgomery-Hodge. In her nomination, Susan noted that, aside from early-morning rides from his Viele Lake home up the mesa road from spring through fall, Rick frequently cycles across town for meetings at the Foothills Lab and often takes the bus to the airport. "Because of his example," she says, "I started riding an old five-speed bike up this hill a few years ago. I thought I was going to die those first few times!" (She's now breathing easier with a 21-speed.) This year's city-sponsored Walk and Bike to Work Week is 19-27 June. •BH

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