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May 1999

Random Profile:
Rita Roberts

Every other month, Random Profile spotlights a stochastically chosen staff member. This time we feature Rita Roberts, an associate scientist with the Research Applications Program (RAP).

The Trojans of the fifth-grade girls' volleyball team at Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Boulder line up, left to right: Genny Cindrich, Erin Manka, Bridget Roberts, coach Rita Roberts, Lacey Montoya, Keelin Kelly, and Jackie Ariniello. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

How did she get interested in weather?

Was she struck by Chief Niwot's curse?

How long does it take to earn a master's degree while working full time and raising four children?

Favorite study time:

Favorite satellites:

Before and after: These two images show the work of the Auto-nowcaster, developed by a RAP team that includes Rita Roberts. At left is a radar reflectivity image from the NWS Doppler radar near Sterling, Virginia, taken during the Auto-nowcaster tests last summer on 13 June. The bright colors show a band of thunderstorms moving from left to right; the kidney-shaped outline just to the east shows where the Auto-nowcaster predicts the storms will move after 60 minutes. The image on the right shows the actual reflectivity after one hour has passed. The storms are now largely inside the Auto-nowcaster's predicted boundary. (Images courtesy Rita Roberts and RAP.)

Who's into nowcasting besides Rita?

Does location matter?

Any time left for recreation at home?

Read any good books lately?

Favorite book:

What makes her job worthwhile?

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