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May 1999

New Hires

(front row, left to right)
Nathan Fetterman, generalist with Food Services.
Shelly Dalton, scientific visitor with RAP.
Stacey Masia, administrative assistant with CGD.
Peter Cornell, systems administrator with F&A.

(middle row, left to right)
Michael Jackson, GPS Network manager with GPS Science and Technology.
David Pitts, student assistant with HAO.
Jeffrey Stolte, systems administrator with RAP.

(back row, left to right)
John Kane, contracts administrator with F&A.
Brian Gordon, cook with Food Services.

(left to right)
Kathleen Fischer, systems administrator with CGD.
Volker Wulfmeyer, project scientist with ATD.
Barry Gamblin, systems administration with HAO.

Other New Hires

Scot Colburn, network engineer with FSS.
Douglas Kinnison, scientific visitor with ACD.
Thomas Lauren, student assistant with ACD.
Cornelius Leary, project manager with JOSS.
Hardi Peter, postdoctoral fellow with ASP.
Paul Seagraves, senior research associate with HAO.
Oran White, senior research associate with HAO.


Jerry Bakken, 2 April
Gretchen Buschmann, 5 March
Ruth Doherty, 6 April
Daniel Hansen, 29 March
Weidong Jiang, 5 March
Diana Martinez, 16 April
Takayuki Matsumura, 31 March
Jill Murphy, 8 March
Carmen Murray, 23 March
Peitao Peng, 2 April
James Robinson, 19 March
Gilberto Vicente, 2 April


Richard Lueb, 31 March; senior research associate with ACD.
Ilga Paluch, 31 March
Norman Zrubek, 16 April

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