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Volume 34, Number 5 -- May 1999

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U.S. representative Mark Udall and his wife, Maggie Fox, take on a 1950s Hollywood look during a recent visit to SCD's Visualization Laboratory. The special glasses allowed them to view scientific imagery in three dimensions. Viz Lab manager Don Middleton snapped a digital photo of Udall and Fox and later added the satellite imagery in the background. Udall, who began his first term in January serving the Fourth Congressional District (including Boulder), made a get-acquainted visit to the Mesa Lab on Tuesday, 30 March. The event was arranged by UCAR's Office of Development and Government Affairs (ODGA). While on the mesa, Udall met with the President's Council and a group of several other scientists and division directors. Overviews of the institution were followed by more in-depth discussion of several high-priority items, including supercomputing resources and the high-altitude community aircraft being sought by ATD. Udall "seemed very interested in our issues, asked to be kept informed, and said he'd try to help in any way possible," reports Cindy Schmidt, ODGA director. Meanwhile, former U.S. representative David Skaggs attended the March meeting of the UCAR Board of Trustees to inaugurate his first year as a member of the board. •

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