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March 1999

Random Profile:
Doug Woodard

Every other month, Random Profile spotlights a stochastically chosen staff member. This month we feature Doug Woodard, a project engineer with the HIRDLS Project Office.

Doug Woodard with a computer-generated mockup of the optical bench for the HIRDLS instrument. Infrared light entering through the "hot dog aperture" (the oblong opening near the top) is reflected and refracted through the instrument and sampled at 500 times per second in each of 21 spectral channels. (Photo by Carlye Calvin; illustration courtesy Phil Arter.)

So who does he work for, anyway?

What he has in common with Thomas Edison:

Where his time goes:

What's satisfying about his job:

What gives a satellite designer nightmares?

Previous work lives:

Most offbeat job:

If he hadn't become an engineer:

Most devious mischief:

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