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Volume 34, Number 3 -- March 1999

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Sometimes it doesn't take a scientist--rocket, atmospheric, or otherwise--to detect a cold front from the NCAR mesa. This one on the afternoon of Wednesday, 10 February, was hard for anyone to miss. CGD scientist Jerry Meehl has been at NCAR since the early 1970s, and he called this front "one of the more dramatic I've ever seen. My mother lives out in Brighton, and she said there was this terrifically strong north wind; then, when the snow started, it was like a blizzard." Jerry snapped this photo at about 3:20 p.m. as the front approached northeast Boulder. By 4:00 p.m., the view of Boulder from the mesa was almost totally obscured by dust. At Jeffco, the temperature dropped from 64°F at 3:00 p.m. to 52°F (with blowing dust) at 4:00 p.m. By 6:00 p.m. it was snowing and 30°F. The snow and dust congealed to produce a thin, car-soiling mix, reminding us that winter is never too far away even during Boulder's mildest February in more than a decade.

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