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February 1999
Each month in this column we highlight an in-house Web page of interest. Send your suggestions to bhenson@ucar.edu.

NCAR Library expands its on-line presence

While the physical NCAR Library sites thrive as oases for staff and centers of inquiry for the public, users may also access the library on the Web. If you haven't visited for a while, take a look at the newly updated Web page (see the address below).

Once there, click the "Info. Resources" button to locate publications on a subject of interest. Staff can access Meteorological and Geophysical Abstracts, which includes much of the fundamental literature of atmospheric science. Also in "Info. Resources" is access to a variety of scientific and other databases available to staff through FirstSearch. The library's newest database subscription is Dialog@Carl, which lets staff access scientific databases as well as many full-text newspapers (including Boulder and Denver dailies and The New York Times) and other databases useful for management and grant-seeking.

The Web site's newest tool is the E-Journal access page. It lets staff read and search recent issues of all the journals of the American Meteorological Society, as well as other electronic journals in the NCAR Library collection.

The site's on-line catalog allows one to find descriptions of NCAR Library books, reports, maps, data, and journals by using the online catalog. Staff can even request the book they need while viewing its online record. Go to "Services" to view descriptions of library services and to learn how to use them. For example, you'll find a quick way to request interlibrary loans: just send e-mail to ncarill@ucar.edu.

A final note: Some services of the library Web site are available through site licenses to staff who access them from the ucar.edu domain. Thus, they might not be accessible from your home if you dial in using an Internet service provider. •Gayl Gray and BH

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