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Volume 34, Number 2 -- February 1999

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SKYMATH director Bev Lynds is now an award-winning graphic designer. Hers was the winning logo in a contest for the upcoming New Millennium for Galaxy Morphology conference, to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, this fall. Bev's copyrighted design, shown here, earned her a $1,000 prize. It was cited by the judges as an example of "brilliant insight into the worlds of art, relativity, and galaxy morphology." The "2" in the year 2000 represents a spiral galaxy, with the zeroes denoting earlier periods in the universe's history within a light cone of Minkowski space-time.

Bev came to UCAR to head up SKYMATH in 1990 after a fruitful career in astronomy, researching the interstellar medium and cataloguing dark nebulae in the Milky Way that are now known as Lynds objects. She taught at the University of Arizona in the 1960s and served as assistant director of Kitt Peak National Observatory in the late 1970s. The winning logo wasn't Bev's first attempt at drawing outer space: her pencil sketches of dust in galaxies in an astronomical atlas were cited as "true masterpieces" by the New Millennium judges. Bev is donating her logo prize money to the Riversands Primary School near Johannesburg. Bev is pictured here launching into a scuba dive off Grand Cayman Island in this photo by Seth Sharpless. Check out Bev's home page.

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