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January 1999

The 1998 Outstanding Performance Awards

Winners of the 1998 Performance Awards: (left to right) John Clyne, NCAR director Bob Serafin, Jeff Boote, UCAR president Rick Anthes, Don Lenschow, Krista Laursen, Kevin Petty, Hal Cole, Chip Owens, Rich Lueb, Errol Korn, Terry Hock, UCAR vice president Jack Fellows, Charlie Knight, Ned Chamberlain, Dean Lauritsen, (clockwise from top) Ken Norris, Phil Judge, Cindy Worster, and Eron Brennan.

The 1998 winners

Outstanding Publication: Lynn Russell (ASP/Princeton University), Don Lenschow (MMM), and Krista Laursen (ATD)

Honorable mention: Phil Judge (HAO) and Øivind Wikstøl and Viggo Hansteen (both from the University of Oslo)

Education: Raj Pandya (ASP/MMM), Kevin Petty (ASP/RAP), and Charlie Knight (MMM)

Technology Advancement: Terry Hock, Hal Cole, Dean Lauritsen, Ken Norris, Ned Chamberlain, Errol Korn, and Chip Owens (ATD) and Jim Franklin, Alan Goldstein, and Jeff Smith (NOAA)

Honorable mention: Don Middleton, Jeff Boote, John Clyne, and Tim Scheitlin (SCD)

Technical Support: Rich Lueb (ACD)

Administrative Support: Eron Brennan (FSS)

Honorable mention: Cindy Worster (HAO)

At this year's holiday party on Friday, 11 December, a select group of staff was recognized with the institution's most prestigious honors, the annual Outstanding Performance Awards. The ceremony dates back to the awards' inauguration in 1967. Nominations are made by division directors and program managers. This year, for the first time, the five awards were chosen by a single jury of 17 people drawn from across NCAR, UOP, and UCAR. Selected by division and program managers and confirmed by the President's Council, the jury includes scientists, technical experts, administrators, and education-program managers.

See the December 1998 issue of Staff Notes Monthly for more on the restructuring of the award process. A list of all past winners and all nominations from 1995 on can be found on the Web. This year's nominations are detailed at The 1998 UCAR Outstanding Performance Awards. •BH

How do I nominate someone?

Although it takes some time and effort, it's possible for virtually anyone in the institution to propose a nomination for an Outstanding Performance Award. You needn't be in the same division or program as the person(s) you'd like to recommend.

Each division or program has its own mechanism for considering and forwarding nominations. The person initiating the nomination writes a letter and compiles other materials, such as statements of support from internal or external colleagues. After the divisional or program review, nominations are passed on to the newly formed interdivisional awards committee (described in the December 1998 Staff Notes Monthly). Dale Kellogg, executive assistant to the NCAR president, oversees this committee.

Under current policy, each division and program may forward a certain number of nominations (typically two or three) in each of the five award categories. See UCAR policy 2-5-2 for the exact counts. Occasionally, a nomination is rejected because of these limits or based on other considerations, but most nominees do make the division or program cut. Similarly, the interdivisional committee has the option not to accept a given nomination if it fails, in the committee's eyes, to meet the awards criteria, but this option is rarely exercised.

Most divisions and programs announce a period for accepting nomination recommendations in the late summer. If you're planning to suggest somebody outside your division or program, contact the appropriate administrator before Labor Day to be on the safe side. Deadlines may shift slightly for 1999 as the Human Resources Advisory Committee reviews the 1998 experience and codifies a new awards policy. Because a nomination involves a fair amount of work, it's smart to check with the division or program office before you embark on the process. But don't hesitate to acknowledge the hard work of your colleagues. "If you see something worthy of an award, you should speak up," says ACD administrator Teresa Rivas. "Just being nominated is an honor." •BH

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