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December 1998

New Hires

Front row (left to right):
Daniel Ziskin, scientific visitor with ACD. ML room 275, ext. 2903.
Cynthia Adornetto, casual with SCD. ML room 120D, ext. 1208.
Jennifer Delaurant, administrative assistant with ATD. FL2 room 2108, ext. 2002.
Regina Hogan, contracts administrator with F&A. FL1 room 2053, ext. 2143.
Stacey Applen, administrative assistant with MMM. FL3 room 2009, ext. 8971.

Back row (left to right):
Stephen Yeager, associate scientist with CGD. ML room 415, ext. 1721.
Frances Boler, software engineer with GST UNAVCO. FL4 room 380, ext. 8051.
Janet Killeen, manager of the Image and Design Center, ISS. ML room 30, ext. 1186.
Marjorie Hohwald, student visitor with ACD. ML room 12, ext. 1484.
Mark Love, software engineer with SCD. ML room 42B, ext. 1269.
Lois Giovanni, student visitor with ACD. ML room 14, ext. 1817.
Mike Garritano, student assistant with GST. FL4 room 380, ext. 8039.
Luca Cinquini, scientific visitor with ACD. ML room 70, ext. 1432.

Other New Hires

Bruce Anderson, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. 617-253-9698.
Kurt Brock, systems manager with COSMIC. FL4 room 390, ext. 2605.
Brian Bucciarelli, food services generalist with FSS. FL2 cafeteria, ext. 8545.
Charles Carwin, student assistant with CGD. ML room 305, ext. 1392.
Jose Castilleja, computer assistant with MMM. FL3 room 2003, ext. 8998.
Chris Ceazan, student assistant with JOSS. FL4 room 175, ext. 8987.
Shuzheng Cong, scientific visitor with JOSS. 301-713-0130.
David Fillmore, student assistant with CGD. ML room 305, ext. 1629.
Eric Gilleland, graduate research assistant with ATD. ML room 1213B, ext. 1717.
Fabian Guerrero, technician with FSS. ML room 36B, ext. 1289.
Bingzhang Lin, project scientist with VSP. 301-713-1669.
Joanne Martin, administrative assistant with CGD. ML room 202, ext. 1308.
Susan Molsberry, administrative assistant with ATD. FL1 room 2131, ext. 8821.
Elizabeth Pendleton, user application liaison with F&A. FL1 room 2147, ext. 2142.
Amy Rosewater, technician with GST. UV room 6, ext. 8041.
Meridith Ruwet, student assistant with ISS. FL4 room 330, ext. 8609.
Charlene Schmoker, student assistant with NCAR Director's Office. ML room 520F, ext. 1102.
Sergey Sokolovskiy, scientific visitor with GST FL4 room 370, ext. 2607.
Trina Vian, student assistant with RAP. FL1 room 2159, ext. 8398.
Jerry Wegiel, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. 402-294-3893.
Holly Werth, student assistant with HAO. FL2 room 3043, ext. 1592.


Antonietta Capotondi, 2 October
Marina Galland, 31 October
Brian Lewis, 30 October
Darlene Morrow, 30 October
Wataru Ohfuchi, 31 October
Zhaoxia Pu, 7 November

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