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December 1998

Bill's excellent adventure

Acting SCD director Pete Peterson was one of the many people toasting and roasting Bill Buzbee at his retirement bash in September. (Photos by Carlye Calvin.)

After more than 11 years at the helm of SCD, Bill Buzbee earned every minute of his going-away party on 25 September (see photos). Now Bill is finishing up a transition period in SCD. He retires on 30 December to begin a new life that he's still sorting through. "I'm not looking for a rocking chair, but I'm not looking for a full-time job, either," says Bill. A number of organizations have asked him for consulting help with both management and technology issues. "I may have more options than I have time for--an abundance of opportunity," he says. "I'm really enjoying the change of pace."

Bill's reign at SCD coincided with the epochal birth of the World Wide Web. In keeping with that, we're deferring to SCD's online magazine, SCDzine, for a full departure story, including Bill's reflections on life before, at, and after NCAR. The upcoming issue of SCDzine will be posted in December. Watch This Week at UCAR's Announcements section for notice of when it's up. •BH

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