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Volume 33, Number 11 -- November 1998

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It's now official. On 30 September, NSF and UCAR/NCAR officials put pen to paper to finalize the new cooperative agreement by which UCAR operates NCAR. The agreement is reevaluated every five years, which entails a string of reviews and proposals. An NSF review panel reported earlier this year that "UCAR, under NCAR's management, has unquestionably served the atmospheric science community very well. The program is excellent." The panel stressed that UCAR, rather than some other entity, ought to be operating NCAR: "UCAR is uniquely qualified to manage NCAR in a manner that fosters a broad scientific program of the highest quality--one that positions the U.S. atmospheric sciences so that they are preeminent in the world." The panel's recommendation for a new five-year cooperative agreement was later confirmed by NSF and by the National Science Board. Gathered in NCAR director Bob Serafin's office during the annual members' meeting in October are four of the principals involved in the renewal process: (left to right) Bob, Dick Greenfield (director of NSF's Division of Atmospheric Sciences [ATM]), UCAR president Rick Anthes, and Cliff Jacobs (ATM program official for UCAR). More background on the review can be found on the Web.

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