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October 1998

Why join the EAC? It's fun, free, and fabulous

They're already convinced, but how can the Employee Activities Committee convince you that joining the EAC will be the neatest thing you've done in a while? Consider:

These are the EAC folks who help keep you entertained, well fed, colorfully clothed, and amply discounted. Front row (left to right): Delaine Orendorff (HR), Joan Chiszar (MMM), Kelly Stoecklein (ACD), Inger Gallo (RAP), Jocelyn Brown (HR). Back row: Erik Kluzek (CGD), Becky Ruttenberg (SCD), Lana Soller (SCD), Doug Wesley (COMET), Karla Edwards (HR), Cindy Worster (HAO). Not pictured: Bob Campbell (SCD), Donna Cummings (F&A), Chris Knoetgen (FSS), Susan Stevens (FSS), Sheila Thomas (CGD), and Joe VanAndel (ATD). (Photo by Mike Shibao.)

EAC members enjoy making sure that the rest of us avoid complete workplace drudgery. The commitee's mission is to enhance staff interaction and morale, provide discounted products and services, and arrange community-service activities.

Each EAC member serves a two-year term. Several positions are opening up this fall, so the committee is hunting for new recruits. The only requirement is a willingness to commit (or, as outgoing cochair Delaine Orendorff [HR] deadpans, "a willingness to be committed").

The current EAC makeup is skewed toward administrative staff, an imbalance the group would like to correct. Becky Ruttenberg (SCD) believes there's a common attitude that "only administrative assistants are good at this stuff. We'd really like to get some scientists and engineers." The group also strives for representation from all NCAR divisions and UOP programs.

The time commitment for EAC work isn't as much as you might think. On the first Wednesday of each month, the group meets for about two hours to track ongoing projects and plan new ones. Some functions are traditional, such as the triumvirate of all-staff parties (Spring Fling in May, up-the-hill races in September, and holiday parties--kids' and adults'--in December). The group brainstorms ways to keep these events fresh and pulls together the often-large-scale logistics. The hill races, for example, require at least eight people simply to acquire and record accurate times for each contestant. Even if you're not interested in full EAC membership, ad hoc volunteers are more than welcome for these events.

Each year the EAC sells dozens of UCAR/NCAR/UOP T-shirts (just $7 for adult sizes). The design is chosen each winter through a contest open to all staff and their families, and the new design is unveiled at the Spring Fling. The winning and runner-up designs for 1998 can be viewed on the EAC's home page (see below).

Discounts for staff at non-UCAR venues are another key activity. A list of current discounts can be found on the EAC Web site. Two of the newest are sweet deals on 1998-99 Boulder Philharmonic concerts (some more than 50% off) and $19.95/month Internet access from Stonehenge. (The cost will drop to $17.95 if at least 100 staff sign up.) Recreational sponsorships are also available: the EAC will reimburse city or league fees for staff or their immediate families playing an organized sport. More details are on the EAC Web page. The EAC needs and wants your input to know what other sorts of discounts you'd like.

If you have a sense of humor and the ability to roll up your sleeves and let down your hair, you'll do fine on the EAC. "Once you're on the committee, sometimes you have a hard time letting go," says Becky. "It's kind of like Bringing Up Baby." •BH

To learn more about the EAC, check the group's Web site. To inquire about joining, send e-mail to eac@ucar.edu.

Five o'clock volleyball at FL is a hit

Rob Markel takes a dive.

While other staff are heading home or putting the final touches on their workday, a loose-knit group of volleyball lovers have been getting their aerobic fix behind the Foothills Lab. The FL court hosted its third summer of EAC-sponsored coed volleyball matches this year. The court is located toward the back of the parking lot behind Buildings 1 and 2.

This summer's tournament was held at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. each Monday. This year there were five teams, with each day's matches involving four of the five. The ambiance is low-pressure, with the emphasis on having a good time. "It's always been a little bit informal. It's more fun that way," says Doug Wesley (COMET), EAC recreation chair. Teams are divisionally inclined but somewhat fluid: players may float from one side to the other when an opponent's team has several no-shows. "There's a lot of people who don't play every week because of their schedules," says Doug.

With Hans de Sterck at the ready, Rob Montgomery reaches for an overhead pass. (Photos by Bob Henson.)

"I've enjoyed it very much," says Hanli Liu, who coordinated the HAO team. "I only missed two games out of the whole season." On one Monday, Hanli sent out an erroneous message that his squad was to be idle that evening. "Only one player showed up [Art Richmond]," recalls Hanli. "They added people from the other teams and we ended up winning. In this case, it's hard to say who really won." •BH

Intramural volleyball will continue this fall on Thursday evenings at 5:30 p.m. as long as weather permits. Drop-ins are welcome. An indoor league may also be organized at the University of Colorado Recreation Center for the winter months, likely on Wednesday nights. If interested, contact Hanli, ext. 1564, liuh@ucar.edu.

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