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September 1998

New Hires

Front row (left to right):
Katrina Smith, computer operator I with SCD. ML room 29, ext. 1200.
Julie Caron, associate scientist with CGD. ML room 214, ext. 1347.
Jennifer Wood, student assistant I with GST. UNAVCO room 200, ext. 8006.

Back row (left to right):
Darren Gallant, programmer technician with JOSS. FL4 room 175, ext. 2634.
Angel Gutierrez, student assistant II with ODGA. FL3 room 2125, ext. 2101.
Kevin Brose, systems administrator I with CGD. ML room 314, ext. 3125.
Philippe Naveau, scientific visitor with CGD. ML room 208, ext. 1704.

Front row (left to right):
Lesley Smith, student assistant II with MMM. FL3 room 3105, ext. 8930.
Mariya Yevsyukova, administrative assistant with GST. UNAVCO room 212, ext. 8045.

Back row (left to right):
Carolynn Cavanaugh, student assistant I with GST. FL4 room 380, ext. 8039.
David Allen, instrument maker with ATD. FL1 room 1031, ext. 8781.
Won Seok-Ryu, student assistant II with MMM. FL3 room 3096, ext. 8941.

Other New Hires

Ron Alberty, casual with COMET. FL3 room 1044, ext. 8478.
Victoria Andreatta, student assistant II with GST. FL4 room 390, ext. 8000.
Lynne Carter, project scientist with JOSS. 202-314-2233.
Ying Dai, postdoctoral fellow I with VSP. 301-763-8000.
David Failing, casual with SCD. ML room 120D, ext. 1208.
Gabriel Hamilton, student assistant II with RAP. FL2 room 2113, ext. 8432.
Ruth Hines, administrative assistant with JOSS. 202-314-2230.
Paul Sylvestre, scientific visitor with VSP. 301-713-0640.
Jane Teranes, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. 313-936-0521.
Justin Wettstein, programmer specialist I with JOSS. 202-314-2238.


Laurence Anderson, 22 July
Barbara Bailey, 19 July
Alan Bol, 5 June
Scot Colburn, 31 July
Joyce Clark, 13 July
Lisa Dilling, 19 July
Jason Douglas, 17 July
Christine Feagins, 15 July
Galen Fowler, 23 July
Artamis Hooshmand-Parsi, 31 July
Eric Jones, 10 July
Cheryl Martin, 17 July
Marit Joanie Macarthur, 27 July
Andrew Miklic, 24 July
Andy Royle, 26 July
Christina Tidd, 7 August
Dailin Wang, 30 June
Xiaolei Zou, 30 June

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