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Volume 33, Number 8 -- August 1998

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Just One Look

"I've always loved this photo," says Carlye Calvin. The Staff Notes Monthly photographer captured this red fox pup (similar to those that grace the NCAR mesa) in a pensive moment at Montana's Glacier National Park. We asked Carlye to pick one of her favorite shots as a salute to her 11 years of NCAR service in the darkroom, behind the lens, and inside the Web as an HTML and Photoshop ace. Carlye's tenure as Imaging and Design Center coordinator ended on 24 July, but she'll remain as a casual NCAR employee, doing photography for Staff Notes Monthly and other clients. (IDC will continue providing its own photographic services as well.) "I have put so much heart and soul into IDC that is it hard to break away," says Carlye, "but I'm thrilled at the opportunity to really concentrate on being creative in photography. Already, my mind is less cluttered and I'm able to more clearly visualize my approach to each assignment." On the other hand, she adds, "Luck plays a huge part. This is not to say that good art comes by accident, but my best photographs have come when I have been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time." •BH

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Writer/editor: Bob Henson
Design: Michael Shibao
Printing: Speedy Bee
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Photography: Carlye Calvin, Liesel Brunson

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