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July 1998

New Hires

Front row (left to right):
Michael Sullivan, shuttle driver with FSS. FL1 room 1034, ext. 1143.
Janice Shuey, shuttle driver with FSS. FL1 room 1034, ext. 1143.
Greg Young, student visitor with RAP. FL2 room 2159, ext. 8398.
Ryla Cottingham, administrative assistant III with SCD. ML room 48C, ext. 1258.
Johnny Patterson, computer operator I with SCD. ML room 29, ext. 1200.

Back row (left to right):
Rod Frehlich, scientific visitor with RAP. FL2 room 2113, ext. 8432.
Eli Karplus, associate scientist I with RAP. FL2 room 2108, ext. 8383.
Donnie Featherman, student assistant II with SOARS. FL4 room 390, ext. 8622.
Patrick Kellogg, student assistant II with HAO. FL2 room 3058, ext. 1544.
Alex Brown, student assistant III with ATD. Fl1 room 2136, ext. 8765.

Front row (left to right):
Robin Staufer, scientific visitor with ACD. ML room 580, ext. 1878.
Diana Boyd, student visitor with RAP. FL2 room 2113, ext. 8432.
Bonnie Slagel, administrative assistant with COMET. FL3 room 1061, ext. 8318.

Middle row (left to right):
Shelly Knight, software engineer/programmer I with RAP. FL2 room 2025, ext. 8382.
Sharon Hurley, budget analyst with NCAR Director's Office. ML room 115B, ext. 1105.
Doug Norris, student visitor with RAP. FL2 room 2113, ext. 8432.

Back row (left to right):
Carolyn Simerly, contracts administrator I with F&A, FL1 room 2053, ext. 2140.
Jose Garcia, software engineer/programmer I with HAO. FL2 room 3091, ext. 2170.
Robert DeConto, associate scientist with CGD. ML room 255, ext. 1713.

Other New Hires

Ivan Csiszar, scientific visitor with VSP. 301-763-8078.
Galen Fowler, casual with HAO. FL2 room 3078, ext. 1504.
Weidong Jiang, postdoctoral researcher I with VSP. 301-763-8000.
Long Li, scientific visitor with VSP. 612-361-6610.
Andrew Miklic, student assistant II with MMM. FL3 room 3105, ext. 8930.
Ziya Zhang, scientific visitor with VSP. 301-713-6040.


Jackson Herring, 29 May
Miles Mercer, 27 May
Arthur Mizzi, 30 May
Rudy Montoya, 29 May
Daniel Norman, 18 May
Renate Payne, 29 May
Richard Sato, 18 May

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