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July 1998

Finding out about UCAR technical committees

As many of you know, UCAR has a very diverse computing environment, with some of our services managed centrally and others managed at a divisional or even a personal level. To assist in the coordination and management of our computing resources, we have several technical committees that meet on a regular basis. We also maintain mailing lists for exchanging technical information, such as nsag@ncar.ucar.edu for e-mail to system administrators regarding UNIX topics, and pcmacsag@ncar.ucar.edu for e-mail regarding PC and Macintosh topics. Among our technical committes are:

UCAR is on the verge of implementing a "security perimeter," which will allow outbound connections but will restrict inbound connections, for the most part, to "exposed hosts" only. Groups that have opted to be inside of the security perimeter (sometimes called a firewall) will enjoy protection against hacker attacks because UCAR can focus its attention with regard to security on the relatively few exposed hosts. More details will be forthcoming, and some of the specifics can be found on CSAC's web page. CSAC is chaired by Greg Woods (woods@ucar.edu), and like NCAB, CSAC is a group to which you can bring your specific concerns about UCARnet security and the safety of systems connected through UCARnet to the Internet. The e-mail alias for CSAC is csac@ucar.edu. •

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