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June 1998

A note from Rick

On 6 May the National Science Board (NSB) gave the go-ahead for the renewal of the cooperative agreement between NSF and UCAR. By this action, NSF has agreed that UCAR will continue to manage and operate NCAR on behalf of NSF for the next five years. The approval went smoothly, in large part due to the thorough and excellent reviews of the NCAR program, NCAR and UCAR management, and the UCAR proposal, all conducted by NSF over the past three years.

I'd like to extend my deep thanks to the many people in NCAR and UCAR who worked on the review and proposal process and on preparation of the proposal. But more fundamentally the NSB's action is a credit to everyone in this institution who contributes to the high quality of our science and service activities.

In another action, the NSB appointed CGD senior scientist Warren Washington to be on the NSB executive committee. This is an honor for Warren and increases his responsibilites as an NSB member. Congratulations to Warren.

Rick Anthes
UCAR president

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