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June 1998

New Hires

Front row (left to right):
Nuri Delen, student visitor with ACD. ML room 394A, ext. 1856.
Geraldine Busse, accountant I with F&A. FL1 room 2035, ext. 8573.
Diann Duino, desktop system and network manager with F&A. FL1 room 2006, ext. 2141.

Back row (left to right):
Stephen Gombosi, software engineer/programmer I with SCD. ML room 44B, ext. 1222.
Justin Young, budget analyst with NCAR Director's Office. ML room 515A, ext. 1106.
Merritt Deeter, project scientist with ACD. FL4 room 250-8, ext. 8063.

(left to right):
Catherine Pirok, administrative assistant with CGD. ML room 168, ext. 2694.
Leilani Pena, student assistant with JOSS. FL4 room 125, ext. 8664.
Guifu Zhang, student visitor with RAP. FL1 room 2166, ext. 8397.

Other New Hires

Heather Benway, program specialist with JOSS. Maryland, 301-427-2089.
Chris Berntsen, shuttle driver with F&A. FL1 room 1034, ext. 8504.
Matthew Blackmon, accountant with F&A. FL1 room 2031, ext. 8873.
Alexander Brown, student assistant with ATD. FL1 room 2136, ext. 8765.
Laurence Connor, scientific visitor with VSP. Maryland, 301-763-8231.
Victoria Culkin, food services specialist with F&A. FL2 room 1072, ext. 8545.
Garth D'Attilo, student assistant with ASP. ML room 290D, ext. 1638.
Susanne Giglio, administrative assistant with JOSS. Maryland, 301-427-2089.
Laura Morreale, casual with SCD. ML room 17, ext. 1820.
Kelly O'Connell, travel accounting specialist with F&A. FL1 room 2040, ext. 8852.
Ryan Off, student assistant II with HAO. FL2 room 3129, ext. 1577.
Tanya Ogsbury, administrative assistant with UOP. FL4 room 120, ext. 8647.
Peter Romanov, scientific visitor with VSP. Maryland, 301-763-8042.
Andrey Shmakin, scientific visitor with JOSS. New Jersey, 609-452-6507.
Jielun Sun, scientific visitor with MMM. FL3 room 3053, ext. 8994.


Victoria Alten, 17 April
Karen Arnedo, 8 May
James Besha, 1 May
Regina Cannon, 12 May
Jennifer Cederle, 15 May
Steven Conrad, 16 April
Brian Cooley, 17 April
Xiaoyan Deng, 11 May
Jeremy Dunn, 8 August
Carter Emmart, 31 March
Daryl Fletcher, 5 May
Kristina Gomez, 17 April
Gail Gray, 18 April
Theresa Huang, 30 April
Hoonil Kim, 8 May
Gregory Kok, 30 April
Paul Le Hardy, 1 May
Stacey McIlwaine, 28 April
Tammy Manyik, 15 May
Rosaria Marinucci, 15 May
Colleen O'Toole, 8 May
James Ragni, 31 March
Emily Salvo, 14 May
Donna Scott, 1 May
Marta Turnbull, 22 April
Sabine Wurzler, 15 April

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