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May 1998

New Hires

Front row (left to right)
Janet Hopper, administrative assistant with ESIG. FL2 room 2015, ext. 8120.
Deborah Darnell, administrative assistant with Finance & Administration. FL1 room 2037, ext. 8878.

Back row (left to right)
Louis Dimarco, maintenance worker with F&A. ML room 2, ext. 1135.
Elizabeth Singleton, administrative assistant with F&A. ML room 140, ext. 1145.
Ingmar Thompson, computer operator I with SCD. ML room 29, ext. 1200.
Gregory Duane, postdoctoral researcher I with ASP. ML room 290A, ext. 1380.

(left to right):
Alyn Lambert, project scientist with ACD. FL4 room 250, ext. 2904.
Matt Park, systems administrator II with ACD. ML room 492, ext. 1427.
Alice Kelly, accounting supervisor with Finance & Administration. FL1 room 2039, ext. 8576.
Samuel Hall, scientific visitor with ACD. ML room 598, ext. 1899.

Other New Hires

Kay Hockensmith, casual with F&A. FL1 room 2006, ext. 2133.
Gail Tonnesen, scientific visitor with VSP. 919-541-4272.
Sybil Vickland, casual with F&A. FL1 room 2039, ext. 8576.


Randy Armour, 13 February
Patricia Chanes, 13 February
Geoffrey Cheeseman, 17 March
Kristin Conrad, 27 March
Gidon Eshel, 17 March
Warren Gallaher, 24 March
Matthew Hicks, 13 March
Brian McGrath, 27 March
Alexi Rakow, 20 March
Erica Rice, 27 March
Richard Schillawski, 6 February
Robert Snow, 14 March
Rufus Taylor, 3 April

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