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April 1998

A new place for NCAR/UOP news

The UCAR and NCAR Web sites now have a single location where you can get a quick summary of the latest happenings from around the organization. UCAR Newsbriefs is a digest consisting of short descriptions of NCAR, UCAR, or UOP news of broad interest to internal and external readers. Topics you will find there might include research results, instrument deployments, educational initiatives, or new Web sites. Each Newsbrief links to a fuller explanation of the news item--either a Web-based article or a relevant home page.

Anyone within UCAR may submit a Newsbrief. (See the Web posting form.) The page is moderated by the UCAR Communications office. Newsbriefs are posted on the working day following submission and typically run for 90 days, after which they're sent to an archive page. Note: events that are only of internal interest, such as seminars or staff social functions, should be publicized through the announcements and calendar sections of This Week at UCAR rather than through Newsbriefs. If you think you have a Newsbrief but aren't sure, or you have other questions or comments, contact Jacque Marshall, thisweek@ucar.edu .

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